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Top 5 signs that your partner is cheating on you

Do you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful to you? Is your partner’s recent behavior raising your infidelity radar?

Read on to find out the signs that could help tell you everything that you need know.

Cheating and Relationships 

Cheating and infidelity issues are one of the most challenging problems that can confront couples.

Unless slapped with hard evidence, you can never expect a cheater to admit their dark secret and will instead resort to manipulating their partner into thinking that they are simply insecure, jealous or paranoid.

Finding out whether your partner is cheating or not can be daunting.

But knowing sooner rather than later can do a lot to save you from wasting your time dealing with your partner’s lies and deceptions.


The Top Five Warning Signs that your Partner is Cheating on You 

There are many signs that could indicate that your partner is having an affair and here are the top five signs that you should be mindful of:

The Level of Attention and Time Your Partner Gives You Suddenly Changes

You notice that your partner hardly cares or even notices you. He or she always finds excuses from spending alone time with you.

Suddenly, he or she becomes too hard-working and is working longer hours in the office and no longer wants to go anywhere or do things with you anymore.

Changes in Phone Use 

Your partner makes excuses to leave the room or go out when talking to someone on the phone.

He or she keeps the phone in silent mode or start securing it with passwords and hardly let the phone out of his or her sight.

Changes in Sexual Appetites and Desires 

According to a poll, someone who is involved in an affair will likely to want to have more sex with their partners which can either be due to guilt or perhaps a boosted libido.

In some cases, the cheater will tend to withdraw from physical intimacy with their partner.

Other sign to watch out for is when your partner suddenly becomes more experimenting in bed and asks you to do things or certain moves differently.

Your Partner Suddenly Becomes More Particular About His or Her Physical Appearance

All of a sudden your partner shows more concern about his or her grooming.

His or her clothing taste has changed and is always in the mood to dress to impress.

You may also notice that his or her familiar smell is gone and replaced by some perfume smells that you don’t wear.

Your Partner Starts Arguments Out of Nothing and is Often Angry and Frustrated Seemingly Without a Cause

A cheating partner will often feel guilty and very uncomfortable especially if their partner has been so loving and considerate.

They’re now torn between the excitements they feel with their new-found affair and knowing they have betrayed you and risk losing you.

As such they exhibit noticeable mood swings.

They become more critical and seem to be argumentative and defensive.

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