Saturday , 20 July 2024

Where Are Former Reality Stars Now?

You must have fallen in love with some of the reality TV stars that you saw on television. You must be wondering where some of those reality TV stars are now. That’s because you would not have heard any updates from them for a long period of time. Here are some quick updates from reality TV stars, who were extremely popular on television a few years back.

  1. Ashley Parker Angel

If you remember Making the Band, you probably wouldn’t forget the amazing performance of Ashley Parker Angel.  You could also see Ashley Parker Angel as heartthrob with spikey hair. However, the boy band stopped proceeding with their work on 2003 and he started working on another reality television show named There and Back. If you go to the social media profiles of Ashley Parker Angel, you can see how he is touring around the world and posting selfies taken at the gym.

  1. Justin Guarini

The first season of American Idol received much attention. Justin Guarini was the runner-up in that season. He was invited to a large number of shows along with the fame that he received at American Idol. He also got the opportunity to star in several shows. But after a couple of years, he vanished from the scene. Recently, Justin Guarini joined one of the reality television productions named Wicked.

  1. Tiffany Pollard

Tiffany Pollard seemed to be dating the popular rapped Flavour Flax. She did it on two different seasons of VH1. However, she decided to take a much needed break from the reality TV shows and she paid special attention towards her personal appearance. For example, she enhanced the way how her eyelashes appear during this break.

  1. Michael Sorrentino

Michael Sorrentino became a notorious character along with the reality TV show The Situation. The ridiculous antics and the ridiculous nickname of Jersey Shore contributed a lot towards this popularity. He appeared in many other reality TV shows as a contestant. They include Dancing with the Stars as well. However, he was dealing with a prescription pill issue and he attended a rehab program back in 2012. In the same year, he came across a tax fraud as well. At the moment, he is trying his best to cope up with all the negative consequences that came on his way. He seems to be doing pretty good with all those issues.

  1. Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge became extremely popular as the girl on The Hills. Even though Audrina Patridge became popular, she didn’t achieve the fame level of Lauren Conard. She also appeared in another reality television show including Dancing with the Stars. After completing this show, she went ahead with a reality TV show of her own, named Andrina. However, this reality TV show got cancelled after just one season. She got the opportunity to appear in some of the B-list movies as well. At the moment, she is working as the host of the late night travel show named 1st Look on NBC.

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