Thursday , 23 May 2024

How To Be Motivated When You Don’t Have A Callback

If you know you did your best in an audition, fear not. It is disappointing, not just for actors but for any role. You feel downhearted and that you could have done better – over thinking it all. But here are some tips on how to keep motivated when you don’t receive the news you may have wanted.

Take It as a Good Opportunity.
You’re not only going for the role, but you’re there for something you love to love and progress in it. You love to perform and that shows through your audition. It is a great chance for you to enjoy the moment and show how passionate you are.

Enhances Audition Practice.
Like any interview, the practice will help you learn for next time. Sometimes, we don’t quite know what the interviewer expects from us, and are thrown into the deep-end. The fact you got the audition in the first place is fantastic! You should be proud you even made it that far. Sometimes, other people are more skilled, therefore, the audition is practice for your next one until you get the right role. It’s always good to gain some experience and shows you what to expect in the industry.

Look Back on Your Showreel.
If you don’t have one, get one. A show reel is a short video showing clips of your work. If you’ve got one, why not try and improve it? Write a monologue or ask a fellow actor to do some improvisation with you. Keep on top of it and update it.

Temporary Work
It’s not the option you want to hear, but look for some temporary work whilst you’re searching for acting roles. You don’t want to be out of pocket.

Most people have a defeatist attitude when they get rejected, so why not see if your local theatres are hosting some acting workshops? Sometimes it’s good just to go along and act for pleasure – and you get to do it with people who are also there to have a good time! It’ll motivate you and let you share your passion with others.

Talk to Others
Connect with other actors and ask them about their experiences as you may find you’re in the same boat! Help each other sort out your Spotlight pages, find agents or simply find work. Sometimes, they know the right places that you may not know of, you just have to look in the right places.

Be Excited for the Next Opportunity
No matter what you’re thinking at that moment, there are always more opportunities, whether it’s in the now or future. Do some research, join some workshops, watch films to get you involved in the industry and getting that passion up to scratch again.

Not hearing the news you want is gutting and can seem like the end of the world, but if anything, it should make you push harder and prove that you are good enough for a role.

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