September, 2018

  • 24 September

    What To Do When You Have Schedule Conflicts

    Schedule conflicts for acting is, unfortunately, a common thing that happens to actors. They expect one acceptance among ten auditions, but they will get two acceptances. From getting hardly any work, suddenly an actor has multiple offers. It is conflicting because you want both, but can you have both? There are a couple of ways to handle this: either check …

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  • 21 September

    How to determine that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship

    In most cases, emotional abuse can be harder to recognize or detect. It is a lot more confusing for the victims involved as the behavior shown by the controlling partner can be perceived as merely ‘caring’ and  a sign of all-consuming love. Unlike physical abuse, the scars caused by emotional abuse may not be visible but its effect can be …

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  • 17 September

    How Diet and Exercise Helps Keep Your Mind Focused

    You might not know it but both exercise in a proper diet can help you keep your mind focused. If you suffer from a lack of focus it might be because of your diet and the fact that you don’t get enough exercise in your life. Here are a few reasons why that both exercise and a proper diet are …

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  • 14 September

    Can a relationship get past infidelity?

    When you find out that your partner has been cheating on you, does it mean it’s time to head to the door? Is it possible for a relationship to survive and rebuild trust after an issue of infidelity? Dealing with a relationship marred by infidelity can be devastating. It’s not just about how you can cope up with the feelings …

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  • 10 September

    How to prepare for your audition

    Auditions are essential part and parcel among actors, singers, dancers and theater performers. Undeniably, they are also usually the scariest and most daunting experience for the people involved. Believe it or not though, auditions don’t always have to be petrifying and you can always embrace it as a fun and enjoyable process needed for your profession. While there are some …

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