December, 2018

  • 14 December

    What is the best way to end a relationship with someone?

    Goodbyes are never easy. Break ups can be rough. When you’ve finally decided to break up with someone, telling it to the person whom you have loved once is not going to be a work in the park. It can be just as emotionally toiling. Below are seven tips on how to end a relationship with someone properly:   Be …

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  • 10 December

    How To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

    Sugar in a diet can be dangerous so cutting them out will lead you to live a healthier life and give you a much longer life span. Sugary diets can lead the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure not to mention give you bad teeth down the line. Cutting out sugars is beneficial all round for your health. …

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  • 7 December

    Should your partner go on vacation with friends of the opposite sex?

    Is it all right if your partner goes on a vacation with a friend from the opposite sex? What are the normal boundaries when it comes to opposite sex friendships? Friends are important part of our lives. But normally as two couples engaged in a serious relationship, especially married couples they tend to be exclusive for each other and create …

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  • 3 December

    10 Myths About Reality TV Shows

    Believe it or not reality TV is not actually real, even though there is no script to go off, the producers of the shows are constantly tweaking the scenes and setting up plots for viewers entertainment. Take The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea for example. Before Essex begin every program the producers play a message for the …

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November, 2018

  • 30 November

    How To Respond When Getting The Part In An Audition

    The actor’s moment of truth is the audition. It is a make or break event in their early career, especially when they are aware that they are among the final cut. Even if they don’t get the part, an actor feel they delivered it all, got good feedback, and felt great vibes from the casting director. Others will feel it …

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