March, 2019

  • 25 March

    19 Goals for The New Year!

    A new year is an opportunity to make new goals and standards for life. These 19 goals can help improve wellbeing, health and finances as we go through the year. Engage in Less Screen Time Technology dependence is negatively affecting family interactions. Studies have shown that parents are increasingly feeling disconnected with their children as a result of long working …

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  • 18 March

    Surviving R. Kelly (Do Black Girls Matter?)

    In early January a documentary called Surviving R. Kelly aired, where shocking allegations of sexual abuse were made against the Rhythm and Blues singer. These allegations added to several past criminal prosecutions against the singer, none of which has led to Kelly being charged. Kelly has denied the allegations made in the documentary. This article will outline some of what …

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  • 11 March

    Government Shutdown: Is It Necessary?

    On the 25th of January 2019, President Donald Trump ended the longest Government Shutdown in history after 35 days. However, he has made it clear that this is only temporary, if a deal cannot be reached by the 15th of February, he will shut down the government again. During the shutdown many services, such as museums, were not longer functioning …

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  • 4 March

    Reality TV in America

    America loves reality television. Even people who don’t watch reality television shows have found it as a difficult task to avoid. A large number of newspaper articles have also been published in order to signify how popular the reality TV shows are. If you take a look at some of the most popular reality TV shows in America, you would …

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February, 2019

  • 25 February

    How Legit Is It All?

    How Much is Real and How Much is Made Up? Of course a lot of it is a Scam – but the fact is that the best reality TV isn’t entirely fake either. For a scene to work there’s got to be a grain of truth about what’s happening. But what the program makers tend to do is inflate it …

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