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September, 2023

  • 30 September

    What Type of Questions Should You Ask a Casting Manager at the End of Your Audition?

    Once your interview or casting call is over, this isn’t the end of the process. You can how your desire for the job by asking the casting manager some questions yourself. Here’s a few that you might want to keep in mind. Tell me More About You This shows you have an interest in the casting director and what their …

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  • 14 September

    What To Wear For A Casting Call

    The casting call is an opportunity for upcoming actors to get a role, even a minor one, for movie or television series. It is their interview and one has to look their best. The question then becomes what to wear for that all important audition where it lasts about 5 minutes. One has to think appropriate attire, but that is …

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  • 9 September

    How To Be Motivated When You Don’t Have A Callback

    If you know you did your best in an audition, fear not. It is disappointing, not just for actors but for any role. You feel downhearted and that you could have done better – over thinking it all. But here are some tips on how to keep motivated when you don’t receive the news you may have wanted. Take It …

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December, 2022

  • 2 December

    How to overcome rejection

    How to Deal with Audition Rejection – and Emerge Stronger  Going through auditions is not easy. But, how much more when it comes to dealing with the inevitable rejections? To say the least, getting over audition rejection (as in almost all forms of rejection) is not a walk in the park. But rejections are actually essential experience from where you …

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November, 2022

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