Reality Talent Listing Service is one of the leaders in the listing service arena. We provide an essential service to applicants and bridge the gap between the applicant and the casting companies via our search engine.

At Reality Talent, we strive to make the process of applying to a reality TV show less daunting, by centralizing casting opportunities via our listing service and guiding our clients through out the entire application process.

At Reality Talent we continuously strive to be the leaders in this industry, with hundreds of casting opportunities accessible to members by a click of a finger, (adventure reality series to makeover shows and many more) we are able to provide our members with an equal leveled playing field when it comes to show submissions. Our members can end up seeing far greater results in finding a match that is best suited for them compared to the general public who searches for their own casting opportunities.

We have a repertoire of casting opportunities for every demographic and we strive to ensure our applicants be the first to know about current casting availabilities. If you are a novice or a seasoned industry professional this service is for you.


Industry News

Reality TV in America

America loves reality television. Even people who don’t watch reality television shows have found it as a difficult task to avoid. A large number of newspaper articles have also been published in order to signify how popular the reality TV shows are. If you take a look at some of the most popular reality TV shows in America, you would …

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Reality Stars Who Have Been Arrested or Served Time

We often hear news stories about celebrities who get arrested. They get arrested for all sorts of crimes, which include theft, drunk driving and many other petty crimes. A considerable amount of reality television stars also fall into this category. Here is a list of few reality TV stars who got arrested in the past. Teresa Giudice Teresa Giudice is …

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Why Are People So Fascinated By Drama on Reality TV

Television has become an obsession and it is an integral part of the fascination that we all live in whilst in this world as we tend to generally believe everything that we see, and in certain very special instances even when we hear them convincingly enough. We humans have limited brains which have not grown any bigger than what it …

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Why Are We So Addicted to Reality TV

Addiction is the result of the obsession we have to see ourselves being part of something that we are but unable to be a part of, which is what Reality TV tries to project by creating the illusion that everyone watching glued to their televisions are all part of that big audience to whom they address themselves every time they …

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Where Are Former Reality Stars Now?

You must have fallen in love with some of the reality TV stars that you saw on television. You must be wondering where some of those reality TV stars are now. That’s because you would not have heard any updates from them for a long period of time. Here are some quick updates from reality TV stars, who were extremely …

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