Saturday , 20 July 2024

What Type of Questions Should You Ask a Casting Manager at the End of Your Audition?

Once your interview or casting call is over, this isn’t the end of the process. You can how your desire for the job by asking the casting manager some questions yourself. Here’s a few that you might want to keep in mind.

Tell me More About You

This shows you have an interest in the casting director and what their all about. You can get o know the various project that have done and the experience that they have as a casting director. Feel free to ask this question as the director will be more than happy to talk a bit about who they are.

How are Your Successful Clients Different from Others?

This question shows that you have in interest in becoming a better actor. You’re showing a desire to improve. They director can show you what makes a good actor or actress and how the best candidates got hired. You’ll get to understand what will make you successful in the future if you don’t get hired at the present job so it’s a great question to ask the casting director.

How Can I Make Your Job Easier?

This shows them that you’re willing to work hard and you want to be the best actor or actress that you can be. You’re showcasing the fat that you have incentive to do better and make the process easier for those that hire you. The director is looking for people that understand the job and are easy to work with.

What Would You be Doing if Not at This Job?

This question shows that you have an interest outside the acting field. You’re showing the director that you care about them as a person and the hobbies or other talents they may have. You’re communicating with the director and getting to know them more this way. The director will be happy to tell you more about what they do and love. If you ever get hired, you may be doing things outside for the actual jo with other people so it’s a good idea to get to know their passions which might not involve their work.

What Inspires You?

This question lets them know you care about their passions and interests. They might talk about movie or another actor or actress that they love. This also shows that you care about them as a casting director and you want to know more about what they like or dislike in a candidate.


These are some questions you can ask the casting director once the interview is over. If you show an interest in what they do and are a curious person, this can go a long way to getting hired. You need to show passion for the job and the work the casting director is doing if you wish to succeed in the business and get more jobs. Make sure you showcase your talent to them, but also be ready to ask them questions too, as this will help you with the casting call.

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