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Should Celebrities Keep Their personal Life A Secret?

The celebrity has both influence to do good as well as show bad. It is a lifestyle that exposes their personal lives, which is also a curse to them. Some are willing to open themselves up to the world while others keep their private lives exactly that, private. We obviously have a belief that public figures have a right to …

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What is the best way to end a relationship with someone?

Goodbyes are never easy. Break ups can be rough. When you’ve finally decided to break up with someone, telling it to the person whom you have loved once is not going to be a work in the park. It can be just as emotionally toiling. Below are seven tips on how to end a relationship with someone properly:   Be …

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Should your partner go on vacation with friends of the opposite sex?

Is it all right if your partner goes on a vacation with a friend from the opposite sex? What are the normal boundaries when it comes to opposite sex friendships? Friends are important part of our lives. But normally as two couples engaged in a serious relationship, especially married couples they tend to be exclusive for each other and create …

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How Long Should You Wait To Introduce Your Partner To Your Parents?

Have you been into a relationship for quite some time and the moment has finally arrived to draw the affinity closer to a finer relation? Well, congratulations to you on that! It takes a great toll for many to decisively reach to the positive end of a healthy affair. Introducing your partner to your parents is often considered to be …

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How To Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

Everyone knows that a long distance relationship comes with more than its fair share of challenges, but there’s no denying the equally true fact that long distance relationships can also be very fulfilling and even help to bring partners closer to one another, emotionally if not physically. That being said, there are definitely ways to help stay connected with your …

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Can a relationship get past infidelity?

When you find out that your partner has been cheating on you, does it mean it’s time to head to the door? Is it possible for a relationship to survive and rebuild trust after an issue of infidelity? Dealing with a relationship marred by infidelity can be devastating. It’s not just about how you can cope up with the feelings …

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Pros And Cons Of A Destination Wedding Vs. Local Wedding

Now a days, wedding planning is emerging as an enormous and creative business, wherein people put their ideas to make the event unique and pleasing. Destination weddings have been trending for years and people usually go really excited hearing the term. On the other hand, despite of being an old-fashioned trend, local weddings are yet popular for their high cultural …

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Should you remain friends after a breakup?

Relationship break ups can be devastating for both parties involved. In some cases, to make the situation lighter and perhaps out of guilt the dumper may offer to stay being friends after the relationship is over. It may actually seem like a good idea logically speaking. After all, you were there for each other before so why not keep the …

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