Saturday , 20 July 2024

Should You Try to Follow Up with a Casting Manager After Your Interview?

Once the audition with a casting director is over, you may think this is the end of the process, but you have more to do. You’ll increase the chances of landing a part if you do a few key things after the audition. Here’s what you should consider doing.

Thank Them

Make sure you send some sort of thank you not, for the audition. You should make this some sort of handwritten endeavor as it shows that you care. Make sure you don’t ask anything of the casting director such as a “call me.” If you get hired, you’ll get a call back. Don’t ask for any sort of second chance or another audition as this won’t get you anywhere. All you want to do is thank them for the audition and that is as far as it goes.

Know How Follow Ups are Done

You should have a good idea about how the office will do a follow-up, so you’ll be ready for that if it’s something you want to do. You may be able to do a follow-up with them after a few weeks to see what the status of the audition is, but don’t push things. You don’t want to ask for any sort of feedback about your work or a recommendation or anything of the sort. You can just thank them for the time and for considering you for the part. Make sure you follow the guidelines they have for follow-ups before you send an correspondence.

Be Careful with Things You Send to the Casting Manager

You may be able to send something like your newsletter to the casting manager once the audition is over to show them what you’re up to, but make sure this isn’t some sort of spam. Figure out how the casting director like to be contacted before doing any ort of correspondence with them. Some might not want your email, or a newsletter from you, so ensure it’s something they want before you send anything to them.

Don’t Ask Then to Look at Your Work

If you had an audiation, that is your work. Don’t ask the manager to look at other work you’re done or offer to do another audition with something “unique” they would like. Thy will base whether or not they hire you on the audition you did with them. If they want to see something else, thy will ask you. You never want to be pushy or seem needy.


These are a few thigs you should do after the audition is over. You simply want to thank the manager for seeing you. If they want something else from you, they will ask first. Be careful with any correspondence you send and get permission before you send anything beyond a simple thank you card. If you follow these tips, you’ll increase the chances that you’ll get hired for that big part.

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