Thursday , 13 June 2024

Why Are People So Fascinated By Drama on Reality TV

Television has become an obsession and it is an integral part of the fascination that we all live in whilst in this world as we tend to generally believe everything that we see, and in certain very special instances even when we hear them convincingly enough.

We humans have limited brains which have not grown any bigger than what it is and the capacity to reason is also limited hence our obsession with what we like to see on television especially those Reality TV shows that are growing by the day and taking much of our man hours whilst being seated opposite and munching away on some very fatty inducing snacks.

So television as a medium to convey messages has become a very important tool in every society and it does not matter wherever you may be. You could be a television viewer in a developed, developing or under developed country but you would still believe and live within the confines of the Reality Television world when you would be watching one of those very exciting programs with a snack in your hand completely engrossed in what you see.

The fascination is accompanied with the audience of which we are part of as we and all those watching would be living our dream in the Reality TV show ourselves placing us also in the audience as this is what is being projected by those behind the Reality TV show.

They want us to join in wherever we may be and that feeling which is created in us as being a part of the audience watching the show live is what makes Reality TV so successful.


Success driven Reality TV

As long as the show could tickle those interest buds in our system we would be glued to the Reality TV show but once our interest fades away then we would not be sitting on our favorite sofa and watching the show dipping into the packet of snacks in our hands without ever concentrating on any other thing other than what would be unfolding on the small screen.

The popularity of Reality TV is generally because the organizers of the various shows know exactly what drives our imagination and as long as they could touch the right chords on our level of imagination they would reap the fruits of their labor.

There is also another element that fuels the interest in us and that is the continuation of the show where every episode stops or is terminated for the day on a very exciting and “must know” point which is what keeps the audience on the edge of their seats expecting to come back to view what the next part of the expected continuation would be.

It is this expectation that keeps the interest at high levels and with most of the Reality TV shows  keeping the adrenaline at optimum level where the audience is sure to come back to see what would happen the next day.


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