Saturday , 20 July 2024

How To Respond to Difficult Questions from a Casting Manager

Always be prepared to be set up for trick questions by a casting manager. It is important that you do your research and know how to answer questions. There are many sources available to you to make sure you make the proper choices when answering a question. Below is a few questions that will probably be asked and how to answer them. Also, I will explain why this question would be asked.

The first question that may be asked is “Tell me a little about yourself.” This is a trick question. They want to see if you did your research. They want to know how much self confidence you have and what you have achieved.

They do not want to know how many kids you have or how many pets you have. They want you to tell them with confidence where you went to college, did you graduate, what degree, what do you specialize in, any awards that they should be aware of that might apply to your position? Anything related to awards, schooling, and special things of this matter is what they want to hear. It is a test. Answer a question like this with confidence. Your confidence will help you tremendously.

Another trick question is, “Describe yourself in one word.” This question is designed to test your personality. You will want a word that will help your position. It is important to think this answer through. If you are applying for a certain role and you can think of a word that would describe you and that character use it. It is important to use words that are related to you and your character. Do not use words such as funny if you are auditioning for a serious character.

A question that may be asked if you have been out of work for an extended period of time would be, “Why have you been out of work for so long?” This dreaded question is meant to trick you as well. Proceed with caution when answering. This question is meant to test your nerves and see if you can remain in a calm state while answering this question. Innocent until proven guilty is how to proceed with this question. You will want to answer this question honestly and with a calm, respective, and confident tone. Be honest and truthful and maintain your calm presence.

Trick questions are everywhere and there are always answers to every question. Always remain calm, confident, and ready to answer them. Always be prepared for questions such as these. There are hundreds of questions that may be asked such as these. It is important that you always think the answer through before saying it. If a question is a little trickier such as, “Tell me about a time where you broke company policy.” This is where you would want to use a scenario to help tell the story. If you had good intent and reason, then it is a great way to answer this question. Confidence, calm collective attitude and using scenarios if necessary is a good tip to use.

Always do your research on questions that could be asked and how to answer them. These questions are meant to trick you. A casting manager will want to push you to your limits and you will have to remain calm. Always answer with confidence and a respective tone.

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