Thursday , 13 June 2024

Why Do Celebrities That Appear to Have Everything Commit Suicide?

In recent years, several well-known celebrities have committed suicide.

Many people don’t understand why these individuals that seem to have everything in their life end up committing suicide. Here are some of the factors that contribute to celebrities that killed themselves.

Real Depression

One of the leading contributors to people committing suicide is depression. Just because someone has a lot of money, fame, and fortune, doesn’t mean they can’t get depressed. When people become depressed they can suffer from chemical imbalances in their brain. When an individual has these imbalances, they are more prone to thoughts of suicide. A celebrity is no different from you or they can suffer from these chemical imbalances and this may lead them to thoughts of suicide or actually carrying out suicide.

Depression is a serious mental health problem and celebrities just like anyone else can suffer from the effects of it which may lead to suicide.


We tend to think of the life of a celebrity is being easy going and simple compared to the rest of us. The reality of this is that celebrities are under tremendous pressure to perform well in whatever they’re doing. Actors and actresses are expected to do well in their movies.

A musician is expected to release an incredible sounding album that everyone will love. Performers and other individuals that are in the public eye have tremendous pressure on them to perform at their very best.

This added pressure on an individual can lead to thoughts of suicide or depression because.

Poor Performance

When is celebrity makes a bad movie or release a poor album they are often relentlessly crushed by the media and their fan base.

There can be many hurtful comments hurled at them, they can be cursed at, and they can be ridiculed for their performance. The added pressure on the individual to do well at all times and to produce work that is exceptional, can lead to thoughts of suicide or depression because they simply can’t meet the expectations expected of them 100% of the time.

Most people tend to think of celebrities and musicians as perfectionist and we expect them to produce entertainment for us that is exceptional, but this really isn’t realistic.

Money and Personal Life

The glamour and the money of the celebrity can lead to all sorts of issues within their life.

They may get involved with drugs, alcohol, or many multiple relationships simply because the fact that they have a lot of money and are in the public Limelight. This high living lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on someone’s emotional well-being.

Many actors and actresses end up addicted to drugs or alcohol simply because the fact that they are a celebrity.

Whenever a celebrity has a poor relationship this is hounded on by the media and by their fans and it often takes them a long time to recover from that poor relationship.

Normal individuals can feel depressed when they have a bad relationship with someone and this is the same thing that can happen to a celebrity.


The main reason why celebrities commit suicide is because they really are just the same as other individuals.

They can suffer from the same issues of depression that normal people suffer from so this is why suicide among celebrities can be quite high.

The added pressure of simply being a celebrity can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.

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