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How Legit Is It All?

How Much is Real and How Much is Made Up? Of course a lot of it is a Scam – but the fact is that the best reality TV isn’t entirely fake either. For a scene to work there’s got to be a grain of truth about what’s happening. But what the program makers tend to do is inflate it …

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How To Stand Out From Your Competition

Reality Television is mostly based on some real-life situations. The producers tend to select cast that will bring interesting storylines to the table. 67% of the US population gravitates to watching these reality shows. Initially the viewers of these shows consist primarily of a mature audience, but most recently there is a shift where these shows are attracting a younger …

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Life After Reality TV

Reality TV is more than just a passing fad. After the first episodes of Survivor in 2000, it was pretty clear that reality TV is here to stay. Sometimes being on a reality TV shows propels participants to success, even if it one lands on a competition reality TV series and does not win the competition. Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from …

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How To Create a Successful Reality TV Show

The first thing to realize is that the term “unscripted” is deceptive. No, we don’t write pages of dialogue, but we do create formats, cast people based on character traits and edit scenes to tell a powerful, intriguing tale. In short, we are storytellers just like you. We just get there a little differently. So with the caveat that no …

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