Thursday , 23 May 2024

Myth Vs. Fact

Reality Vs Fiction

We all love to be sucked into our favourite television shows or ‘binge-watch’ Netflix until our eyes are squared. But how can we notice the difference between reality television and scripted television? Let’s start by taking a look at the infamous TV shows like The Only Way Is Essex, Desperate Scouse Wives or Made in Chelsea. These shows focus on …

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Does Everyone On A Reality TV Show Get Paid?

Being on a reality TV show might seem like a glamorous and well-paid opportunity, but the truth is a little less enticing than you might think. While some people are paid large amounts of money for appearing on TV, others are given only enough money to cover the cost of their travel and lodging expenses for as long as their …

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What is the best way to end a relationship with someone?

Goodbyes are never easy. Break ups can be rough. When you’ve finally decided to break up with someone, telling it to the person whom you have loved once is not going to be a work in the park. It can be just as emotionally toiling. Below are seven tips on how to end a relationship with someone properly:   Be …

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Should your partner go on vacation with friends of the opposite sex?

Is it all right if your partner goes on a vacation with a friend from the opposite sex? What are the normal boundaries when it comes to opposite sex friendships? Friends are important part of our lives. But normally as two couples engaged in a serious relationship, especially married couples they tend to be exclusive for each other and create …

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How Long Should You Wait To Introduce Your Partner To Your Parents?

Have you been into a relationship for quite some time and the moment has finally arrived to draw the affinity closer to a finer relation? Well, congratulations to you on that! It takes a great toll for many to decisively reach to the positive end of a healthy affair. Introducing your partner to your parents is often considered to be …

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Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?

Being cheated by your partner is a heart breaking experience, but is an emotional affair worse than a physical affair? What is Emotional Cheating?  Emotional cheating happens when one of the partners spends time, attention and intimate emotion into someone other than their partner. It typically occurs when one of the couples feel disconnected and has unfulfilled emotional needs and …

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Do Celebrities Use Shows To Regain Their Careers

Sometimes a well known celebrity just disappears of the face of the earth for some reason or another.  Private reasons, can’t get the work, they just don’t want fame at that time, for whatever reason. But they always seem to come back, is this done by them appearing on shows like, dancing with the stars, I’m a celebrity get me …

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How to determine that you are in an emotionally abusive relationship

In most cases, emotional abuse can be harder to recognize or detect. It is a lot more confusing for the victims involved as the behavior shown by the controlling partner can be perceived as merely ‘caring’ and  a sign of all-consuming love. Unlike physical abuse, the scars caused by emotional abuse may not be visible but its effect can be …

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