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Pros And Cons Of A Destination Wedding Vs. Local Wedding

Now a days, wedding planning is emerging as an enormous and creative business, wherein people put their ideas to make the event unique and pleasing.

Destination weddings have been trending for years and people usually go really excited hearing the term. On the other hand, despite of being an old-fashioned trend, local weddings are yet popular for their high cultural value.

Is destination wedding better than the local kind?

One cannot really set a bar to judge if a local wedding makes the better option as compared to the destination planned type, or vice versa.

It all depends on the desires of the bride and groom, and also upon the interest of the attending guests. Both ways, a wedding can be made auspicious bringing in alluring creativity.

Pros and cons of a local wedding:

If you are convinced about having a wedding event in a local setup, then here are a few aspects you might want to look into:

The venue: venue seldom remains an issue with weddings of the local kind. Also, it is easy for your guests to reach the place within time.

Vending: once the locale is decided, hiring caterers and vendors also becomes easy, for the place is accessible to many.

It is also feasible to go and check with the preparations several times a day, a thing that can seldom be thought of when the wedding is planned at a destination venue.

The expenses: this is rather a consequence of planning a traditional wedding. Prices go high with this choice because the number of items a person is expected to pay for may go up to an infinity.

Pros and cons of a destination wedding:

The idea of having a wedding event at a beach or at a farm somewhere quite away from the main city sounds breathtaking to most of us.

Here is what you should bear in mind regarding a destination wedding:

It is cheap: as compared to the traditional setup, weddings at planned places cost a lot cheaper, and that is so because the guests usually are supposed to pay for their own package.

It is stress-free: One does not have to worry a lot when getting married off away from the city.

Destination weddings are generally well-coordinated and are accompanied by a pleasant environment too, free from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

It is simple: farms and beaches do not need a vast decor. The adornment is usually confined to the main spot where the bride and groom are supposed to stand during the rituals; as well as the entrance.

Decorations are mainly accomplished using flowers and bales.

Your guests may be few: the main shortcoming of having a wedding planned at a destination is that, not everyone you wish to be present will be able to make it.

No matter how exciting it sounds, it is not always possible to reach at places far away from your residency at a given time period.

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