Saturday , 20 July 2024

Why Are We So Addicted to Reality TV

Addiction is the result of the obsession we have to see ourselves being part of something that we are but unable to be a part of, which is what Reality TV tries to project by creating the illusion that everyone watching glued to their televisions are all part of that big audience to whom they address themselves every time they are on the small screen.

Reality TV is generally a continuation of one and the same thing but always playing on our imagination which is what really drives this world forward. The absence of imagination would have kept humans still in those dark caves in which we lived many thousands of years ago.

Humans had to cultivate imagination and that is what Reality TV is all about and by fueling imagination in the limited capacity brains that we have it is very easy to keep that part of the brain that we imagine things always active wanting to imagine more and more and this is what creates that addiction to the various Reality TV shows that we watch day in and day out.

What Reality TV projects

Reality TV organizers need us to be a part of their show and it is not only those confined within the studio where the show is being held that are part of the audience but all those watching wherever they may be.

Living a dream is what we all do and without dreams life would be quite unexciting and dull and into that dream world fits in all those or most of the Reality TV shows that we so eagerly await every time one is scheduled to come on especially at those peak hours of television broadcasting.

The addiction

Addiction towards many things is a human trait and whether we do acknowledge it or not we have many and most of them are quite simple, like for instance our morning cup of tea or coffee and that is an addiction.

Reality TV has become one that is high on all the addictions that we have as we are obsessed and want to see and know what happens next on a particular Reality TV show which keeps us away from many other chores important or not to sit in front of our televisions waiting for that favorite show that we always look forward to.

Catching the right note on our imagination is what some of the carefully selected Reality TV show presenters have a special knack for and when a presenter is good and can keep the audience within the studio and those watching at home glued to their televisions is what makes the Reality TV show a success.

Success by having the widest possible audience is what the Reality TV show presenters would want to achieve and that they do by keeping the audience obsessed and addicted and as long as these exists their audience would always come back every time they are on air.


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