Thursday , 13 June 2024

Should You Make Eye Contact with The Judges / Casting Directors?

If you want to impress the casting director or a judge, there’s several points to keep in mind. Here’s all you need to know about eye contact and other factors when you’re in an audition or interview.

Relax Before You Go On

Make sure you take the rime to relax before you go on. You wan to take deep breaths and just get in a calm mood. Nerves are a big factor, but if you want to perform or act, you must overcome them. Make sure you take the time to calm your nerves before you go on stage as you wan to be ready to give the best performance you can possibly give.

Be Confident

The first thing you need to be is confident, no matt what you’re doing. If you show confidence, this will go a long way to impressing the judge or interview person. If you show a lack of confidence this is going to be damaging to you. Make sure you know your lines, lyrics and other content to the best of your ability. The pressure is there, but you have to be able to rise above it to be successful.

Eye Contact

When you’re in an audition, avoid eye contact with the director or judge. You want to focus on the audience which would be there f you were preforming live. You want to think that the director isn’t even there and give a performance for the intended audience, not the judge. You do want to respond to direction and what they ask of you and you can look at them then, but not during the actual performance. If you’re in an interview, then eye contact is going to be something that you’ll wan to do, but not in a performance.

Show Your Ability

You want to showcase your ability to play the character or give a performance. Respond to any direction and try your best to stay in the character. You an want to be polite people around you who may be performing along side of you.  It’s important that you remain professional when you give a performance. Make sure you carry yourself well and show that you belong there. Be a positive person, but don’t come across as desperate as they want to hire the best person for the work.

Know the Material

Make sure you know the material inside and out. You can’t afford any mistakes. Rehearse much as you feel you need to and then rehearse again till you know all the ins and outs of the piece you’ll be doing.


You can have a great audition or interview and impress the judges. Make sure you know all the material and avoid eye contact if performing, but it’s quite acceptable for any sort of interview. Try to calm your nerves and do the best you can as this will go a long way to getting the part you desire or making an impression with your performance.

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