Saturday , 20 July 2024

What To Do After You Have an Audition

Everyone always freaks out after their auditions. They think what could I have done better? How could I have messed that up, I knew that forwards and backward. My life is over. Some people take their audition really seriously and freak out afterward. First of all, it is important to remain calm and be civil. Do not freak out because it is not helping anyone out. If anything you could potentially make yourself sick even with the stress you are putting on your body.

You will want to keep an audition diary or notebook. The first half of this notebook is where you should document details about the role you are auditioning. These details would be the title, director information such as name, place of auditioning, and details of that manner. This is where you will write what you could have done better, what went well, and how you personally think you could work on for the next auditions.

Most people tend to write a one-page entry for every audition. This can really help you improve yourself for future auditions. You will want to enter your information as soon as you are done with your audition so everything is fresh in your mind. Do not wait until you get home because this is when the freaking out stage kicks in. Do it right away so you are writing everything accurately.

Do not worry about what mistakes you may have made in the audition. Write it down in your diary and move on. It is important that you listen to this step because when you start worrying about mistakes and what you could have done better and not just write it down, you are stressing your body out. Your body can only handle so much stress before it becomes sick. You are doing yourself a huge favor and doing your body and mind a favor when keeping a diary to look back on instead of stressing out over the little details. This is to make sure you know how to do a better job next time and so that you can move on. Write it down and move on, that is all there is to it.

Send a thank you card to your casting director. Whether you send a thank you card or a handwritten note is important to just simply pick a card that is pretty or nice and leave it at that. Do not ask for feedback, a quote for a website, or anything from them. This is annoying to a director. They really do appreciate thank you cards and notes but do not appreciate all the ask cards. Those start to pile up.

Relax, treat yourself, move on. Do not dwell on the audition for the next week or two. It is important to move on. Be prepared for a call saying you have gotten the part but do not dwell on the parts that you have maybe made a mistake. It is important to let it go. Let yourself be happy and do your everyday things.

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