Thursday , 23 May 2024

8 Tips on Having a Successful Casting Interview

Everyone has a dream of becoming an actor but when the time comes where you have an interview or audition you freeze. You are lost. You do not know what to do. This is your worst nightmare because your dream is slipping right in front of your eyes. However, there are some tips that a director will look for.

Confidence is key.

That saying is more important than anything during your interview. A well known successful director will know when you are confident and you know that you are trying your best to achieve your goal and dreams. Being confident in yourself can make or break you in this industry so they want someone who is confident right away and knows what they want and how they are going to achieve it.

Be yourself.

Let your personality shine through, do not be nervous to let the real you show. It is important to let your personality show because you are unique and it should show. If every actor was the same we would not watch certain movies because of starred actors. You need to let your true self-show.

Make a connection with the piece you are reading.

Make sure you bring out personality and make the piece unique. Memorize this piece and add some twists to it. Make it your own and make sure you feel the piece when you are reciting it. Try to make the scene believable. If you were to forget the words it might be your connection and believability of the piece and scene if you just roll with it and make it look natural that could save your interview or audition.

Always know your character that you are portraying.

Read the entire script to know what your character acts like, sounds like, and even looks like. It is important to connect to the character as much as possible to make sure you are making the scene believable.

Know the objective of your character.

What is their purpose in the script? What underlying mission are they doing? How to they fit into the casting. What is their main purpose in this story?

Always know the obstacle in the way of your character.

There is always an obstacle your character has to face before he or she can get what they want. Know your obstacle so you can act accordingly and believably.

Know how to portray feelings.

Such as anger, anger isn’t always yelling, it can be quiet and almost scared feeling. Anger can be a quiet, bottled up emotions. Make the script your own. Know how to make the feelings look and feel believable.


Do not talk the script. Many people in auditions talk their script through. Actually, act, use your hands, make the scene believable. It is important that your interviewer hears that you can portray emotions and you are able to feel the script.

When going into an interview it is important to know the lines but if you forget it is not the end of the world, work with it. It is how natural you make the scene look and how believable it is. How confident you are in yourself. It all comes back to what you did to prepare and make the scene believable. Always be prepared.

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