Thursday , 13 June 2024

10 Easy Steps to Be More Active

Are you struggling to get moving this year? Maybe last year was a lazy year for you and you don’t want to repeat it this year.

So, it’s time to switch off the reality TV shows and review 10 easy steps to get your body active…

  1. Get outside.

Time to turn of the reality TV show and get outside. Getting more natural sunlight and breathing fresh air is the first step to get you more active. It will get your body in the mood, regulate your circadian rhythm and get you wanting more movement in your life.

  1. Find a buddy

In reality, it can be hard to find the motivation when you’re all alone. By working out alongside someone else you’re going to keep each other accountable. Time to review your group of friends and find someone who is equally interested in getting more active this year.

  1. Sit on the floor

This is no scam. By getting off the couch and sitting on the floor, you’re invoking certain muscles that never get used, as well as enhancing your mobility.

  1. Eat more nutritious whole foods

Diet always effects your mood. If you eat a lot of processed junk-food, your body has to work extra hard when it comes to converting this into energy. Eating fresh fruit, vegetables, fats, grains and proteins will naturally make your body want to move more.

  1. Set a goal

In reality, talent is something that can be enhanced by setting a goal. You can make it a goal to touch your toes, successfully complete 10 pull-ups, run a marathon, or climb Mount Everest. No matter how, small, always have a goal in mind.

  1. Join a club

You don’t need a talent to join a club. You just need motivation. Any kind of club that revolves around an active activity will be all the more fulfilling, since you’ll be part of a community of people facing the same challenge.

  1. Leave the car at home

It’s so easy to start up the engine and drive to your destination. While time and distance makes having a car a necessity, is it really necessary if you’re merely traveling two minutes down the road?

  1. Create a habit

Watching reality TV with its vast reality talent can become a real habit. Being active can also become a habit in your life. You just need to set it up. For example, after you eat breakfast, go for a 15 minute walk every day. It may take a bit of willpower at first, but once you make it a habit you’ll automatically find yourself doing it. Nurture your talent.

  1. Take a class

There are so many classes you can sign yourself up for. Whether it’s yoga, martial arts, golf lessons, scuba diving… whatever you’ve always wanted to do. Make your dream a reality. Talent isn’t required.

  1. The real key to fitness

While there is the odd scam out there claiming to get you fit, the number one key to getting active is motivation. Don’t punish yourself in a gymnasium if you’re an outdoor person. Don’t succumb to the scam of a gym trying to sign you up.

If you like watching what reality talent is up to on reality TV then get an exercise bike in your living room. If you hate running, then go swimming instead. Fitness should be enjoyable, so review what feels good to you and do more of it.

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