Thursday , 13 June 2024

Should You Tell People When You Get An Audition?

The audition is a major test for actors trying to get any role in a movie. Many look for open casting calls, but getting the callback for a private audition is something coveted. It means you are seriously considered for in a role. This is very exciting and it is news that many want to share with the world because it feels like they are at the doorstep of recognition.

However, there is the question of should you be telling any of this to anybody? Family or friends, it is in our nature to tell the whole world, but it may actually be a bad thing.

Here is the thing with auditions that everyone tends to forget: you are most likely to fail. The odds of getting into the final stage are minimal because out of 5,000, you may one of 100 to get the private call. So, even then, it is an obstacle to climb over and that means you have to tell everyone about that as well.

People who are not in the entertainment business won’t totally understand. When you get rejected, you have to explain that it is normal and part of the business. The challenge is to do that without sounding defensive.

Plus, there is also the fact that the project you could be going for could be from a big studio and one of those fancy hidden Oscar contenders people keep under wraps. Think of the phrase, “Loose lips sink ships.” By getting the private audition, and focus on the word, “private,” you should keep it a secret.

Don’t be the one who let word slip and leak the news, especially when given a small sample of a script. Studios these days are quite secure about their work because they don’t want anything to leak. They want to build the hype and release their sneak peek in small samples.

There is also the thing where actors get very superstitious. Actors, not even thinking that the audition is private, certainly don’t want to jinx their chances. So, to not put pressure on themselves, they do not tell people what they are doing.

It sometimes works because of self-confidence and because you don’t need any exterior forces trying to influence you the wrong way. You can audition as yourself without that secondary thought of what others may be thinking, all going back to the first reason.

The answer based on these reason is no, do not tell people about getting an audition. It is tempting to celebrate it openly and tell people, “I can act!” Then, it lasts 30 seconds and you don’t get it and all of the energy celebrating it wasn’t worth a dime. Auditions come in stages before getting the part.

Moving on to the private audition is just the first of several stages in terms of an unknown getting cast in a part that might be 1 minute long, or just left on the cutting room floor.

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