Life After Reality TV

Reality TV is more than just a passing fad. After the first episodes of Survivor in 2000, it was pretty clear that reality TV is here to stay. Sometimes being on a reality TV shows propels participants to success, even if it one lands on a competition reality TV series and does not win the competition. Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from …

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How Effective is Reality TV in Highlighting Scams

You don’t know who’s doing what and how corrupt (or non-legit) individuals are plaguing our society. Would you like referring your loved ones to any company or individual who’s just a fraud and running scam operations? Obviously, you won’t because you care for them. What about those reality TV series highlighting corrupt individuals in our society? Of course, they’re doing …

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Reality Stars Who Have Been Arrested or Served Time

We often hear news stories about celebrities who get arrested. They get arrested for all sorts of crimes, which include theft, drunk driving and many other petty crimes. A considerable amount of reality television stars also fall into this category. Here is a list of few reality TV stars who got arrested in the past. Teresa Giudice Teresa Giudice is …

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Why Are People So Fascinated By Drama on Reality TV

Television has become an obsession and it is an integral part of the fascination that we all live in whilst in this world as we tend to generally believe everything that we see, and in certain very special instances even when we hear them convincingly enough. We humans have limited brains which have not grown any bigger than what it …

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