Thursday , 23 May 2024

Are You Exercising Too Much?

There are many of us that spend too much time on the couch watching the latest scam of reality TV.

On the other hand there are many of us who are over training and could maybe do with some more time watching reality talent while relaxing.

If you feel like you could be exercising a little too much, then here are some of the key signs and considerations that you should become aware of:

  1. Does it hurt when you get up in the morning? Even if you’re a hot sporting talent that needs to fulfill their fullest potential, you need to avoid overtraining and get adequate rest. If you find you need to sleep all the time then this could be a clear sign of overtraining.
  1. Are you unable to focus in the other areas of your life? Exercise should make you feel better in the other areas of life. It should mean you feel more energized in your work and family life. If you find yourself weak when you’re spending time with your family, or are unable to find your rhythm at work, then it could be time to review your priorities and cut back on the exercise.
  1. Are you getting ill regularly? It’s completely normal to catch a cold every once in a while. However, if your body is consistently broken down from too much exercise, then your immune system will be week. While you may not want to spend a whole day watching reality talent on your favorite reality TV series, you may have to if you’re catching the flu.
  1. Exercising too much will give you the wrong kind of pain. If you go out for a job or workout at the gym, a bit of muscle soreness can be expected. If the pain isn’t isolated in the muscles then there could be a bigger problem at hand. Try and review where the pain is located in reality. If the pain is located in the tendons, ligaments, joints, or feels unnatural in any kind of way, then consult your physician immediately. Try to develop your talent in identifying the wrong kind of pain.
  1. Are you losing too much weight, too fast? While there are many of us who want to lose weight, the reality is that the goal should be burning off body fat, rather than losing overall weight. If you’re also burning off a lot of muscle, then try and make your exercise sessions frequent, without going on for too long. Also, make sure you get sufficient protein in your diet to avoid this scam.

Remember that it’s not a problem if you want to push yourself and your body to the limit. The scam is when you push your body past the limit.

Whether you’re trying to look good, nurture an athletic talent, or achieve a goal, build up gradually and don’t exceed what your body is capable. That’s when you’re highly prone to injury and illness.

In the same way that a reality TV show star spends too much time on their appearance and their reality talent becomes overshadowed, you can spend too much time exercising. That’s the reality of exercising too much.

Review where your limit is, and instead of working out past your limit, try to increase your limit over time.

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