Saturday , 20 July 2024

Do Slimmer Celebrities Get Better Roles Than Their Overweight Counterparts?

Celebrities suffer a lot mentally when trying to impress their fans, overweight celebrities think that their slimmer counterparts are the sexiest while the slim ones think the opposite. There are a number of celebrities who were once huge and had to do plastic surgery to feel comfortable with their bodies. It is very unlikely to see slim celebrities going through plastic surgery to increase their body weight.

People have different sizes which fit their height and should always work in maintaining their body mass as it is.

There are many skinny celebrities and you will find that fans do not criticize how they look but make funny comments on celebrities that have bigger bodies forcing them to take steps in trying to reduce their weight.

In Hollywood for example, slim celebs are complimented by fans stating that they look good but if they get too thin they are blasted by the fans.

There are celebrities who have been criticized for being too thin and they are; Johansson, Keira Knightley and Jennifer Connely. This clearly shows that fans don’t care much about your size unless a celeb overdoes it making it noticeable. This situation stresses celebs and makes them spend so much time checking their body weight and trying to eat balanced diet.

It is hard to see a magazine cover featuring an overweight girls and the always prefer the slim one making it pretty tough for the huge ones to feature in magazines and TVs.

This is something people have created in their minds that only slim girls are beautiful. Fans always love to watch slim people who have a models size body.

This only makes the overweight people lack confidence in themselves. They should also be aware of what they are consuming to reduce cholesterol in their bodies.

Most celebs spend their time travelling so they are forced to eat outside where they can find themselves eating a lot of junk thus adding so much weight.

Sometimes celebrities are not able to live their lives how they want to and instead lead their life to how their fans want them to be.

This is unfair and people should not be made to be something they are not. A few celebrities have been fired due to gaining weight and are seen as not looking as good as they did.

Overweight people should be getting the same treatment as their slimmer counterparts.

Grammy award winner Adele was told publicly by Karl Lagerfeld that she is a little too fat but at the time she had a pretty face and this was after she gave birth to her son where most mothers do add weight. Adele stated that she do not want the size of her body to wear her talent down. Celebs should be comfortable with their weightand should not be forced in or out of any decisions because they hold more weight than others.

Sadly the main characters in films are not overweight with a few flaws instead they are beautiful and slim which is what people find more attractive in films, magazines and job roles.

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