10 Myths About Reality TV Shows

Believe it or not reality TV is not actually real, even though there is no script to go off, the producers of the shows are constantly tweaking the scenes and setting up plots for viewers entertainment. Take The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea for example. Before Essex begin every program the producers play a message for the …

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How To Respond When Getting The Part In An Audition

The actor’s moment of truth is the audition. It is a make or break event in their early career, especially when they are aware that they are among the final cut. Even if they don’t get the part, an actor feel they delivered it all, got good feedback, and felt great vibes from the casting director. Others will feel it …

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Where Are Former Reality Stars Now?

You must have fallen in love with some of the reality TV stars that you saw on television. You must be wondering where some of those reality TV stars are now. That’s because you would not have heard any updates from them for a long period of time. Here are some quick updates from reality TV stars, who were extremely …

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Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating?

Being cheated by your partner is a heart breaking experience, but is an emotional affair worse than a physical affair? What is Emotional Cheating?  Emotional cheating happens when one of the partners spends time, attention and intimate emotion into someone other than their partner. It typically occurs when one of the couples feel disconnected and has unfulfilled emotional needs and …

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