Top 10 signs of an addiction

Addictions are not just to drugs and alcohol but there are also behavioural addictions. Addictions involved psychological and physical processes. Every addiction experience is different signs will vary so will the behaviours. Difference between signs and symptoms: Symptoms are experienced solely by the person affected where as the signs are observed by everyone else around them. You don’t always wait …

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Top 7 ways to keep a relationship spicy

When you are in a new relationship, it may seem like you are on top of the world and every moment keeps you over the moon. But as you mature together and the newness wears off, it’s not unusual for some couples to feel like their relationship is growing stale and thing seemingly fall into routine. Needless to say, relationships …

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Should You Tell People When You Get An Audition?

The audition is a major test for actors trying to get any role in a movie. Many look for open casting calls, but getting the callback for a private audition is something coveted. It means you are seriously considered for in a role. This is very exciting and it is news that many want to share with the world because …

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