Saturday , 20 July 2024

Ways to Save Money with Rising Gas Prices

Many people are worried about not being able to afford gas because the prices are rising due to Hurricane Harvey. There are a few ways that are obvious to save money and use your gasoline more efficiently so you do not have to fill up as often. However, there are some ways you may not know about.

First off, you may already know this but open the window. Using air conditioning will suck more gas and cause you to fill your tank more often. If you can deal with the wind in your face you will save money and not have to get gas as often.

Secondly, don’t drive like an insane person. Accelerate at a reasonable rate and do not speed. If you drive crazily your gas tank shows it. You will be filling your tank more often than someone who drives slower and more reasonably.

Third, you can buy discounted gas cards. Certain websites will sell gas cards for a Mobile, BP, or Shell gas station where you would get a $100 gas card but only pay $95 dollars. That is $5 in free gas. That is an extra gallon and a half depending on prices.

Plan on filling your tank before Thursday before 10am. This is when most gas stations raise their prices to anticipate weekend travel. If you can fill before Thursday you will be saving up to twenty cents per gallon if not more depending on where you live and what gas station you go to.

Download apps that will tell you where the cheapest gas is in your area. There are a few apps that will locate the cheapest gas in your location which can save you money and time as well. Not only that but it can save you gas from driving around looking for the cheapest gas.

Use a gas rewards card. If your gas station you use regularly has a rewards card consider using it. Every so much you spend you may be able to get up to a certain amount off per gallon after a certain period of time. This could come in handy when gas prices start to rise even more. Also if possible get your friends and family to use this card to get points to rack up faster.

Do not let your engine idle for extended periods of time. This will suck gas and make your gas tank become empty sooner. It is important to only let the car be on when you are using it. If you are just sitting in the car, do not have it on.

Pay the proper way. Some gas stations may charge extra if you pay with a credit card. If you pay with cash it may be cheaper so if you can always pay with cash or whatever the cheaper method may be in your area.

Make sure your car is properly maintained. If your car is not in good condition, it could be causing bad gas mileage which therefore means filling up more often.

Only use your car for you. Do not tote around extra items that may be weighing down your car. This causes less miles per gallon and again, you will have to fill up sooner. Also remember, the more people you have in your car the worse your gas mileage will be as well.

When it comes to saving money for gas, it is important that you are aware of all the possibilities to save money. There are many ways to save money and people may call you picky for going to a certain gas station because they have cheaper gas but that gas station may save you more money and in the end you are the one who will have more money.


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