Saturday , 20 July 2024

10 Myths About Reality TV Shows

Believe it or not reality TV is not actually real, even though there is no script to go off, the producers of the shows are constantly tweaking the scenes and setting up plots for viewers entertainment. Take The Only Way Is Essex and Made In Chelsea for example. Before Essex begin every program the producers play a message for the views to see stating they tweak some parts for your entertainment. You can guarantee a constant flow of arguments, fights and make ups. Which brings us to the first point.

  • Reality TV is real.

This is not true, reality TV is far from being real. As stated above producers are constantly coming up with plots for the viewers entertainment, let’s face it if it was real and everyone got along that would be some boring show.

  • No payments for people taking part.

It is often said that the people in the reality tv programs do not get paid for being in the show, they apparently just get free drinks when doing scenes in clubs and free holidays. This is nonsense of course they get paid.

  • Judges have the final say.

In Fact the producer is the one who makes the final decision. The judges pick who they believe are an asset but the producers can overrule.

  • Not knowing what’s round the corner.

When you have an all star celebrity show and the celebrities claim they don’t know who their teammates are going to be is a huge myth. Everybody knows everybody in that business so they are bound to know.

  • Interviews.

Even some interviews are staged, the questions asked and even the replies from the person being interviewed. Before the interview starts they do reruns and polish up any mistakes.

  • Timing.

Some programs say it takes them 24 hours to do a makeover of someone’s home or garden when in fact it took a full team nearly 2 weeks to complete to job and the footage is shortened down to 60 minutes.

  • Roles.

Reality TV doesn’t mean real TV. If you applying for a role as a villain but your a really nice person that is not going to work and you will end up cut from the show.

  • On Screen lovers.

Most on screen relationships are fake, although some are real. You can never be too sure when it comes to reality TV.

  • Flaws.

Producers tend to look for weakness in people who that they can build a story and entertain viewers, how boring would it be watching perfect people all day? Before producers will employ you they will do numerous interviews to find out your background and weaknesses. If you fit the bill you will get the part. 

  • Houses.

People think homes people view are for sale but even that is mostly staged. Producers tend to borrow friends houses for these purposes. So watch out for that the next time you are watching homes under the hammer or homes by the sea.

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