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Can a relationship get past infidelity?

When you find out that your partner has been cheating on you, does it mean it’s time to head to the door? Is it possible for a relationship to survive and rebuild trust after an issue of infidelity?

Dealing with a relationship marred by infidelity can be devastating. It’s not just about how you can cope up with the feelings of betrayal and anger, but it’s the loss of trust in your partner and, overall your relationship together that makes things far more complicated.

Shock and disbelief, grief, anger, and sadness are all but normal immediate responses of someone who have experienced being cheated on.

Cheating is crippling. It takes years before the betrayed partner may even consider forgiveness, even a thousand apologies may not suffice for someone who has been hurt and betrayed by the person whom they ironically trusted and loved.

However, an infidelity doesn’t automatically mean that the relationship is over.

Although, it’s not going to be easy, recovering from infidelity is possible. In fact, there are some relationships that may emerge stronger past an infidelity crisis. The key is sincere commitment to the relationship and the couple’s capacity to forgive.


How Couples Can Survive Infidelity and Rebuild Trust

While in some cases when the damage of cheating becomes far too heavy for the couple to bear parting ways may be the best resort, overcoming infidelity is not really impossible.

If you and your partner are in the deepest trying moment of your relationship due to infidelity, realize that if both of you are sincerely committed towards saving your relationship there are ways you can overcome infidelity and regain the trust lost along the way. 

Understanding that an affair does not essentially mean your relationship is doomed.

There are two basic types of cheating – physical cheating and emotional cheating. And, people cheat for varying reasons.

It can be due to unfulfilled emotional intimacy, sexual frustration, loneliness, feeling ignored and neglected. Having an understanding about the root of an affair can help the couple assess their relationship and get a clearer picture on what needs to be done if they want the relationship to survive.

Openness and willingness to listen.

Even if it can be uncomfortable, the one at fault must be willing to talk openly about what happened and what transpired before he or she gave in to cheating.

He or she should also be willing to listen as the injured partner unloads all hurt and pains to cope up with the emotional trauma inflicted by the act of infidelity.

Committing into developing a deeper level of intimacy.

Whether it’s physical or emotional intimacy, it can’t be denied that an affair happens due to unmet needs of intimacy.

Couples who want to get over infidelity should work on spending more time with each other, communicating and sharing about their lives and experiences and reestablishing their openness to one another. 

Doing things together and making new memories together.

Traveling to new places to make fresh memories together, going out for movies, trying a new restaurant or learning new crafts together can help couples get through the crisis in the relationship.

The more they do things together the deeper their bond can develop. 

Seek help from professional relationship experts.

Before calling it quits, it may help to seek help from a therapist to help you fix your relationship.

Willingness to reestablish the relationship and a commitment that infidelity will not happen again.

The couple should be willing to compromise to make a fresh start for the relationship and to leave the past behind.

The one at fault should commit to the future and promise with sincerity that an affair will never happen again.

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