Thursday , 23 May 2024

How Has Social Media Been Instrumental to Bringing Awareness of Hurricane Harvey

Many people use social media, that is no question, but how has it brought awareness of the victims of Hurricane Harvey? Many people pay attention to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So what was so special about this time that people actually used this for awareness for people in Texas and all over the path of destruction for Harvey.

Many people were stranded in their homes or on their roofs with no food, water, or any supplies. They were just in fear of the rising waters. This was when they turned to social media for help. This was when the average person was helping alongside your rescue teams.

People used Twitter especially to post their addresses so that people would know where they were located, how many people there were, if there was a pregnant woman, elderly and if they had no way out. Some people even reported people being trapped in their houses, trapped on roofs, and being stranded. This brought attention to the problem and how serious it really was.

Facebook was another go to, Facebook set up a page where people could post their addresses so that rescuers could locate them. Even good citizens who had boats and trucks had stepped in to help because they had access to the addresses as well. Many people took this to advantage to help people who could not get out of their houses or off their roofs.

Instagram was a huge help. Many people posted for help and many people posted places to stay that offered food, shelter, and warmth. It was here that people were able to find a temporary stay. Many of these places were gyms that are bigger businesses that stepped up and pushed their gym businesses to the side for the victims of Harvey.

Google even stepped in because of this storm. People were able to drop a pin on their location so that it would be live and once they were rescued their pin would be removed. It was live always and interactive so you could see who needed help. This was a huge help to many rescue teams and people who have stepped in with their own personal boats and trucks. Google maps had made this problem aware to many people.

Many hotels in the safe zone had also posted on social media sites that they were waiving their fees if people evacuated and checked in between certain dates. This was to help people that were going to be impacted by Harvey.

Social media pages made it easier for people to know what was going on and get help. It was important because not only did people who work in the field of rescuing, but your average everyday person also had information to begin to help people. Hundreds of people from all over the United States came down to Texas with their trucks and personal boats to help people stranded. They also brought food, water, and supplies for people. If it wasn’t for social media more people would have died and not have been rescued. Social media was really a lifesaver in this storm.

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