Saturday , 20 July 2024

Reasons Why Shows Get Cancelled Due to Controversy

You would have seen that some of the television shows immediately stop telecasting after the first episode. Controversial issues can be considered as the main reason behind it. Here is a list of some of the television shows that got cancelled due to controversy. Take a look and see whether you have watched one of them.


This is one of the most popular TV shows, which featured Alana Thompson along with her mother June Shannon. However, this show came to an end all of a sudden back in 2014. It was the network, which took a decision to cancel the show. That’s because few reports came up saying that Mamma June was dating one of the convicted child molesters.


This was one of the most popular shows on television. Megan was doing perfectly well in the show and she was able to date a lot of men through it as well. However, the show abruptly came to an end. That’s because one of the men that Megan dated through her television program was a murder suspect. Upon hearing the news, he died of suicide and the show came to an end.


First season of THE GOOD LIFE went really well and Cee Lo Green was looking forward to host the second season of it. However, the show abruptly came to an end. That’s because Cee Lo Green caught up in a lawsuit, where one of the ladies whom he worked with claimed that he raped her. Along with this issue, Cee Lo Green later went ahead and Tweeter controversial statements about rape. As a result, his show, THE GOOD LIFE came to an end.


FLIP IT FORWARD was a HGTV show that was doing well. However, it came to an end because the network figured out that twin brothers, Daivd Benham and Jason Benham have made anti-Muslim, anti-abortion and homophobic statements. Even though these statements were made in the past, pressure came from the society to stop the television show.


KID NATION was a reality television show, which was telecasted back in 2007. In here, a bunch of kids were put in the middle of nowhere and their survival skills were tested. They had to survive without getting any assistance from the adults. The concept of this show attracted a lot of controversial issues. As a result, producers and the network had to cancel it.

  1. EVE & OCHO

EVE & OCHO is another television show that was shut down abruptly by VH1. This show was entirely dedicated to the professional football player Chad Johnson. However, he got arrested due to domestic violence. In fact, he had head butted his wife at home. Due to this reason, a lot of controversial issues came in and the network had no other option than to shut it down.

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