Saturday , 20 July 2024

Review: Big Brother USA

Think about the times you do absolutely nothing else but watch your favorite reality competition series. What makes them exceptionally watchable and insanely addictive?

Few possible reasons one could give are the never-ending array of twists, the unpredictable nature, drama, shocking confrontations, and the ever-changing cast.

One such show that truly blown the fans away is Big Brother that marked the beginning of a new reality television era in 2000. The concept is very simple: a group of strangers lives together in a camera-filled house for three months – much like our college dorm.

Only this one has 24-hr surveillance and is co-ed JThey compete, make friends, backstab, meltdown, lose their mind, vote each other out; and, the last contestant standing wins $500,000. Truly, a roller coaster ride!!

But the surprising element here is: how did it stick around for almost 20 years? (Just like the avid superfans, we’re also keeping our fingers crossed that Big Brother will be back with its 21st season very soon).

Here’s a rundown on why the world will never get tired of Big Brother.

It’s a social experiment – What happens when a group of people coming from diverse background is confined in a house without any contact with the outside world for three months? With many feelings flying around, you see both the dignified and devious nature of them. And yes, many housemates are not what you would call ‘dignified’ and we’ve witnessed that in almost all seasons.

It’s a mind game too – Even though CBS call it a social game, there are also mental and physical competitions to power up the game. Each week there will be Head of Household (HoH) competition and the Power of Veto. To win HoH and the power to veto, housemates need strong alliances. Here the tricky part is finding out who’s getting close out of friendship and who only wants information for the nomination.

Interesting and everchanging cast – Each new season of the show brings cast members with interesting profiles. Not to mention, the producers manipulate the game in such a way that the favorite housemate could land into the chopping block at any moment, making it almost impossible to predict the outcomes. It may seem awful, but that’s what makes the show more exciting!

The public has an important role – BB takes the public’s opinion, too. The audience gets the chance to vote for America’s favorite Big Brother houseguest. This could be anything from dream alliance, foods allowed to eat or anything the producers find interesting. But at times the audience voting had negative effects on the housemates who were otherwise playing a brilliant game.

The long-time host is a Rockstar – Julie Chen is incredible at what she’s doing. Need a proof? Just follow her on Twitter.  You can see how she constantly tweeted about the show’s happenings and posed questions for fans to interact. Not to forget, that she was there on daytime talk TV to keep the audience engaged.

In short, with complicated gameplay, controversies, awful behavior of cast members, showmances and shocking drama, the word ‘dull moment’ has no place in BB’s vocabulary….and the World Will Never Stop Watching Big Brother!

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