How To Make A Good First Impression

Intentionally or not, folks always look forward to the impression you leave them with. This is because impressions help people establish certain kinds of relationship with you. So, if the impressions you leave on people determine how they want to relate with you, it must be quite obvious now why you should make a good first impression. This doesn’t necessarily …

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Forget About Finding Yourself and Start Creating Yourself

I just figured that I might be a slow learner, or maybe not, but I do like to break stuff down especially when they are life topics. Hence, I feel the need to draw a contrast between finding and creating. In simple terms finding would mean seeking something you had but lost momentarily, and creating would mean making something you …

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Top 10 Infamous Reality TV Stars

Take a look at a comprehensive list of the top ten infamous reality TV stars put together by WatchMojo. These ‘now-celebs’ kept us glued to our TVs week after week. They didn’t all necessarily have stellar reputations, but they were witty and made good TV. Watch and see how these reality TV cast members became stars.

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