Thursday , 13 June 2024

Review: Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada places strangers in a home and places them through various competitions with the goal of being last standing and winning a grand prize.

The series isolates the different strangers of the house together with no communication capable with the outside world.

Competitions decide one house guest, the victorious Head of Household.

This guest is tasked with nominating two of their fellow roommates for eviction. Additional competitions are played to give a guest the Power of Veto which can be used to save a nominee or themselves.

The roommates then vote to evict one of the nominees.

The person who receives the most votes is evicted from the house. Competitions continue until only two house guests remain. Previously evicted house guests serve on a jury which decide whom of the remaining guests will win the grand prize of $100,000.

Currently there have been 6 seasons of drama, unpredictable occurrences and glorious victories. The initial season first aired on February 27, 2013.

Fifteen guests began with the program spanning 10 weeks.

The season ended in controversy as Jillian MacLaughlin following an erroneous vote from a jury member.

Season 2 of Big Brother Canada introduced a Fan Meter that allowed viewer votes to impact series competitions. Jon Pardy was chosen as the winner 6 votes to one. This season was also the first that viewers were give a vote in the final jury.

In the following Season 3, Big Brother Canada began airing on its current Global Network which resulted in a boost to ratings. This season introduced the triple eviction during the “Talk of the Block” head of household competition.

This surprising twist saw two houseguests leave while one was saved.

Seasons 4 had former contestants from international Big Brother seasons competing for a spot in the Big Brother house. A viewer poll selected one male, Tim Dormer, and one female, Nikki Grahame to be allowed into the house immediately following the first eviction.

Another unexpected turn of events revealed Nicholas “Nick” Paquette and Philippe “Phil” Paquette to be siblings that were considered as a single contestant for the competition.

Ultimately, they would will the final prize.

The concept for Season 5 of Big Brother pitted 5 fan favorite former contestants against 8 new contestants.

Despite a not so positive history on the show Kevin Martin was the victor following being a casualty of season 3’s triple eviction.

The most recent season, Season 6, notably resulted in the first time winner and runner up were female.

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