Thursday , 13 June 2024

How To Keep your Relationship Spicy When you are Away from your Partner Due to Filming

Being away from a loved one is never easy. Filming on location means longs days and late nights as well as months away from your significant other until filming is wrapped (or it’s over for that location, but that doesn’t mean you’re going home).  Not everyone has the ability to bring their loved one with them, maybe due to children and school, or other family, whatever the case may be it’s not always feasible.  So how do you keep it hot during those times apart?  Here are some ways to make it happen.

Have Virtual Dates

Skype and FaceTime are amazing tools in order to keep the relationship alive. Just because you aren’t together, doesn’t mean you can’t make each other visually satisfied and help feel physically satisfied in the same way.  This could mean intimate actions over video, and also actual dates like eating together, making a meal together and sitting down at the same time. Put candles in the middle and you can act ike you are on different sides of the table. Bring out your sexiest self when you do this, it will make you both more comfortable in the long run. And think about how much you can learn about pleasing your spouse while separated in this way.

Set Some Rules

I know this seems silly, but in order for everyone to feel comfortable there needs to be some rules as to what each person thinks is acceptable. This does not mean telling the other person they can’t go out with other people, they must stay home, etc. It’s about rules such as to what you feel comfortable with. Maybe it’s letting them know when they are going out, or having a routine with the kids at night, don’t call before this time unless it’s an emergency. Things like that. Otherwise as long as you trust your significant other, everything else should be irrelevant. Trust and communication will be your allies while away.

Be Understanding and Communicate Feelings

Everyone is going to feel a different way. As a couple that is away from each other open channels of communication and understanding about feelings of loneliness, abandonment, regret, whatever the case may be those are going to be there. But also will the ones that are I miss you, I enjoy seeing you so happy working, etc. It can go both ways. You have to be willing to accept everything that it comes with and be open about it. Bottling the feelings inside isn’t good for anyone. The more you talk about, the better you can understand and love each other.

Remember why you Fell in Love and Trust Each Other

This is the most important part of all. If you trust each other you can get through anything. When things get hard, one person is stuck in their feelings of being left behind, remember why you got together in the first place. You knew what could happen (if you started when each person was in the career) and know that the other is doing it to better the family, have a stable career, pay the bills, etc. as long as you always remember why you fell in love you will find a way.

The stronger you are long distance, the better you can be when you get back together. And if you have time off, make sure to go and see the other person. Take a break and enjoy the actual face to face time you have. Enjoy the love.

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