Do Celebrities Use Shows To Regain Their Careers

Sometimes a well known celebrity just disappears of the face of the earth for some reason or another.  Private reasons, can’t get the work, they just don’t want fame at that time, for whatever reason. But they always seem to come back, is this done by them appearing on shows like, dancing with the stars, I’m a celebrity get me …

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How To Create a Successful Reality TV Show

The first thing to realize is that the term “unscripted” is deceptive. No, we don’t write pages of dialogue, but we do create formats, cast people based on character traits and edit scenes to tell a powerful, intriguing tale. In short, we are storytellers just like you. We just get there a little differently. So with the caveat that no …

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What to do when your show gets cancelled

When one is taken away from us sooner than we have expected, it is but only natural that we feel robbed off. No matter what some haters say, a TV show fan’s grief is but real when a TV show she has spent some sleepless nights binge-watching suddenly comes to an end. Reasons Why your Favorite TV Show May Get …

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