Thursday , 13 June 2024

Forget About Finding Yourself and Start Creating Yourself

I just figured that I might be a slow learner, or maybe not, but I do like to break stuff down especially when they are life topics. Hence, I feel the need to draw a contrast between finding and creating. In simple terms finding would mean seeking something you had but lost momentarily, and creating would mean making something you never had.

Now, when all the motivational books in the stores preach the words, “find yourself”, do you think that is something you can do? Creating yourself looks like a more relatable piece of advice that is actually possible because that is how people are made. Personalities are not flying in the air waiting to be caught, they are created. When you figure out the things you love, you will be on the right track to creating yourself then.

Finding yourself Vs Creating yourself

Finding yourself is synonymous to waiting for opportunities to fall on your lap when you should be looking to create them. Sticking to the “find yourself” motto will have you wallowing in the standards that you already live within, and majorly with no unique personality.

On the flipside, creating yourself is putting in the work to transport you to the person you want to be. This applies to personality or career goals.

Finding yourself and creating yourself are actually relatable as they combine to make a successful person. You should define finding yourself as realizing that you are in a bad place and need to get out of it, and let creating yourself be working to get to where you desire.


The first step to creating a persona for yourself, or just creating yourself is creating urgency with your ambitions. If you struggle financially and decide it’s time to stop, congratulations on finding yourself, now go ahead and create yourself by putting in work.

  1. Aim to be a sincere and unique personality who’s going to be just the right amount of mysterious with smartness to match. Creating yourself will be a tough road, but if you don’t am to be better with each passing day or milestone you will be at the Ï found myself” level.
  2. You can’t afford to shy away from hard work or choose easy work over the more productive hard work. Stand out from the crowd, to afford yourself a perspective from the on lookers
  3. Remember that criticism is not always accurate, just a bunch of people thinking your ideas are ambiguous and crazy. When you are at this point, just keep going and believe in the big picture.

If you have ever meditated on your life and wished it was a lot better and different like someone, somewhere, being the person, you aspire to be, then you have to do more than find yourself. You have to go the extra mile to become a unique version of your unsuspecting hero. Take these words to heart and I’ll see you at the top.

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