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How To Eliminate Sugar From Your Diet

Sugar in a diet can be dangerous so cutting them out will lead you to live a healthier life and give you a much longer life span. Sugary diets can lead the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure not to mention give you bad teeth down the line. Cutting out sugars is beneficial all round for your health. How do you cut down on sugars in your diet?

Foods to avoid.

Take the first steps in the right direction and get rid of all the foods that contain sugar. If sugar isn’t there you can not consume it. Here are a few foods which are to be avoided.

  • Low Fat Yogurt surprisingly low fat foods don’t necessarily mean healthy foods. Low fat yogurts hold around 47 grams, the equivalent to 12 teaspoons. Containing more way more than should be the intake for both women and men.

  • Ketchup – Most people love ketchup on everything they eat and because it’s just sauce people don’t think it counts, well it does. For each teaspoon of ketchup you are consuming a teaspoon of sugar.

  • Sports Drinks – Again people think sports drinks are healthy because of the name ‘Sports’ when in fact they carry way too much sugar. A standard sports drink of 500ml will hold around 32 grams of sugar. If compared to teaspoons your looking at 8 per bottle.

  • Beer – beer is a no no, equivalent to 13.5 grams per pint of fosters. Say someone has 4 beers that is a whopping 54 grams, way over the recommended daily allowance for men and women.

This is just a quick guide, there are many more foods and drinks that contain a high number of sugars so be sure to check those labels before consuming anything when looking for a sugar free diet.

Foods that are sugar free.

As mentioned above, sugar is not health in any diet and can cause medical complications later in life. To help avoid this and give you a better, healthier life there is sugar free diets such as paleo and keto diets.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet goes by the saying “ If a caveman didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t.”.  Basically the paleo diet is a sugar free diet made up of natural foods like meat, veg and fruit.

Foods to eat on a sugar free diet.


Fruit and vegetables – you can eat as much as these as you like, they are rich in vitamins and fibre to keep the hunger at bay. Any form will do but if possible buy organic, you can’t get better.

Meat – All meat is good for you and naturally sourced. Ranging from chicken, beef, turkey and pork, again if possible try and purchase organic as this is the best there is although it can become a more expensive option.

Fish – Fish offers the finest of vitamins to help the human brain function with Omega Acids. This again can be freshly caught or supermarket bought.

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