Thursday , 13 June 2024

Review: The Amazing Race Canada

The Amazing Race Canada is a reality competition television show featuring usually 10 teams each consist of two members who will be competing in a challenging race around various local and international locations to bag the cash prize at stake.

At the start of each leg of the series of competition, the teams will be given a cash allowance which they need to make sure would cover their expenses throughout the race.

This, however, excludes airline tickets which the contestants can purchase using the credit card provided for them.

Hosted by Jon Montgomery, The Amazing Race Canada has just completed its sixth season on September 11, 2018. The show brings thrill and adventure into television that has got a huge number of audience all hooked up.

The Amazing Race Canada features amazing locations and difficult challenges for the participants which up the excitement of the show.

The teams have to show their competitive side as they face demanding and difficult challenges such as diving to the bottom of a lake to get the next clue for their next destination and bungee jumping from the breathtakingly high Macau Tower.

Each of the team members will also have to show dogged determination and athletic prowess as they take on a number of physical and mental challenges to dominate the other teams and be the first to arrive at the final destination at the last leg of the competition.

Along the way, the teams will have to complete various tasks which often relates to the location of the leg of the competition as well as different obstacles including pit stops to almost half a dozen different locations.

Speaking of locations, the globetrotting race show features various interesting locations from different parts of the world which have enormously added attraction to the show.

The excitement just continues with the team journeying through various locations following clues or answering mind-boggling riddles.

The compelling footages and edits are fantastic. At some point, it feels as if you have also traveled to the different locations from the comfort of your couch.

But apart from the challenging tasks and obstacles, the show also taps into the emotions of the audiences with the contenders’ showcasing different personalities and background stories.

As each episode progresses, the contenders are able to impart their life story and display characteristics that the audience will either love or hate.

Moreover, one of the best things about reality competition shows is that the ending is relatively unpredictable. In the end, the winning team may not be the one you’d expect to win as sometimes athletic skills can be useless without luck and strategy.

There are also surprises in every episode of the show which can help increase the audiences’ anticipations for the next episodes throughout the whole season.

So, if the fun and thrill of an unpredictable reality show excite you then The Amazing Race Canada should be part of your list.

More than fun and entertainment, the show will take you to an adventure that you can’t afford to miss any episode of the show.

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