Sunday , 14 April 2024

Real or Unscripted? The Debate Goes On…

When discussing reality shows people holds different views. While reality TV productions claim pure “unscripted” reality in their shows, contestants and viewers consider reality TV nothing less than a scripted drama.

Having said that, let’s see whether reality TV shows are real or are they merely scripted just like daily soaps & sitcoms.

It may vary from show to show but the fact is—all the concepts used in the Reality television are carefully shaped by the producer and the contestants who populate these shows are hired on certain parameters. While the scenarios may be real, it is hugely edited.

So, whatever appears on your TV screens is orchestrated not once but many times by the producers to grab more viewers. Just like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak once posted on his Facebook profile when he was still a participant of “Dancing with the Stars”: “The producers play games to get viewers and don’t disclose the (voting) numbers.” Even “Survivor” producer Mark Burnett was sued by the first-season contestant Stacey Stillman who claimed that Former rigged the show in order to oust her and maintain an older audience by keeping the 72-year old Rudy Boesch.

Many contestants on shows such as “Joe Millionaire”, “The Apprentice” and “The Bachelor” have asserted that their actions were clipped out of context and displayed in wrong ways.

It’s true that these shows normally don’t have scripts but there’s a shooting script that closely details features of every episode or scene of reality seasons. As the “Big Brother” director & producer, J. Rupert Thompson puts it: “Reality TV manipulates the format where the basis of it is that real people are put into unreal situations to create a story.”

Since the situations are unreal and created by producers, people can debate that it is premeditated and well-researched. What makes these seasons so appealing and irresistible to viewers is the real individual’s reaction to an unreal setting. And, that’s why audience loves reality television so much.

The reality seasons may be partially scripted television but the majority viewers don’t care if the storylines are authentic. While there are few who demand credibility, a major chunk just looks for entertainment.

Given the fact that today’s viewer is well-educated on what reality shows are and what they have become, there’s a less possibility that audience might feel cheated by the void of spontaneity and trust on presented drama in a series that pronounces to portray “real life”.

As long as the shows are entertaining, no one complains—viewers will keep returning for more. And, talking of reality talent they aren’t always disappointed when they are on set and contestants see how reality television works.

From controlling & editing the footage that gets aired to hiring real people like geeks, average Joes and ordinary girls, the reality TV productions and casting does everything to make these shows a rip-roaring success. And, their efforts have been successful as millions of fans are tuning in even if these shows are scripted.

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