Saturday , 20 July 2024

Review: The Real World Challenge

The Real World Challenge is a competitive reality series based from two other long running MTV network reality series The Real World and Road Rules.

In the Challenge, alumni from reality shows come together in compete in various competitions culminating in a grand prize winner.

For competition, teams are created comprised of cast from other MTV reality programs such as previous seasons of the Challenge, Road Rules, and the Real World. In the upcoming season contestants will be expanded to include competitors from or reality programs such as Big Brother, Ex on the Beach and the Geordie Shore. Competitions are deemed as missions. The missions are team physical challenges that give cast the opportunity to win prizes.

Eliminations are individual competitions between a voted upon cast member and the worst performing member from the losing team.

Craftly plotted out calculations and dramatic tension are thrown in the mix as members bring past show history into this new environment.

Currently the show is entering its 33rd season. War of the Worlds will be set in Swakopmund, Namibia.

It will feature past cast members from both American and International competition series.

Led by returning long time host TJ Lavin, look for cast from Are You the One, Real World, The Bachelor Canada, Geordie Shore, Floribama Shore, America Ninja Warrior, Party Down South, Survivor Turkey, Telemundo, Ex on the Beach, The Bachelorette, Love on the Beach and past Challenge seasons.

This unique mix of competitors, training styles and show history will make for explosive entertainment.

Our first introduction to the cast was on January 30th with the preseason episode, Basic Training. Against a desert back dropping and booming soundtrack, Basic Training gave viewers a glimpse of cast members, upcoming challenges, and drama.

Newcomers are the first faces we see in tent city.

They begin getting to know one another reflecting the social dynamic of the show. We are first met with Bear from Celebrity Big Brother UK.

He makes it known that his is there to bring the competition as he has won Big Brother twice. He looks full of chaotic energy and strength. Notably he states that he is at his best when its him against the world. Mattie is a representative of Party Down South.

It will be interesting to see how she adapts from a laid back party atmosphere to on based on physical exertion and competition. Dee, from the Geordie Shore, appears laid back and intuitive. Viewers can anticipate her being good on the mental challenges.

The Bachelorette and Ex on the Beach Alumni comes in with a cocky swagger stating that if he is on your team then victory is a given. Turbo appears to be a fierce competitor.

He comes to the Challenge via Survivor Turkey.

He is a strong man who looks to rely little on alliance and more on his pure brute strength. Challenge veterans present with game knowledge, intimidating focus and exuding confidence. Of the veterans, do not count out long time competitor CT.

He has consistently been a strong competitor and as he states he is just now finding his stride.

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