Saturday , 20 July 2024

What not to wear to an audition

When you’re attending an audition, you want to make sure that you are remembered but you need to be sure that it’s for the right reasons. For your talent and skill. Not because of the wacky outfit you wore or the wardrobe malfunction you suffered.

If you’re on the road to success them don’t let these mistakes derail you.

  • Don’t wear a full-on costume

You need to remember that you are there to show off your talent as a performer, not as a costume designer. If you come in wearing full period costume or dressed as a minstrel then all that is going to do is distract from your performance. It will hurt you a lot more than it will help.

If you feel like it will help you to get into character for your performance then you could add some subtle touches that suggest at the character you are portraying. Think accessories rather than costume.

  • Avoid too much, black, white grey and red

If the audition is going to be filmed, then you need to avoid wearing these colors as they will affect how you look on screen. Blacks make everything else look dull. White can cause oversaturated on the video which will make you look washed out. Reds aren’t kind to most skin tones and well grey is just boring.

Pick a color that suits you. I’d these are your go to colors, then try to avoid wearing, only these colors, mix it up a bit.

  • No stilettoes or flip flops

There is nothing worse than watching someone fall over themselves during an audition, its just straight up embarrassing for everyone. You need to wear shoes that are appropriate to the rest of your outfit but most importantly you need to be able to move around in them with ease.

You never know what you are going to be asked to do, or what the space will be like, so play it safe and wear sensible shoes that you can move well in.

  • No ties or mini skirts

You might think that you will be dressing to impress but both these items can be problematic. Business attire, for men or women, is inappropriate for an audition setting. You aren’t attending a corporate interview. Equally any clothing that might show your underwear is also inappropriate, so miniskirts and low-slung jeans are out.

It all comes done to distraction again. You want to focus to be on your talent, so keep the eyes on you and your face because that is where the magic is.

  • Don’t wear a hairstyle that covers your face

Whatever you decide to do with your hair make sure that it isn’t too extravagant and most importantly keep it out of your face.

If your hair is flopping into your eyes or covering up too much then it will detract from your performance. You might think you are hiding a feature of yourself you don’t like, but all you will do is draw attention to the area you are trying to hide and away from your expressions.

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