Saturday , 20 July 2024

How to prepare for your audition

Auditions are essential part and parcel among actors, singers, dancers and theater performers. Undeniably, they are also usually the scariest and most daunting experience for the people involved.

Believe it or not though, auditions don’t always have to be petrifying and you can always embrace it as a fun and enjoyable process needed for your profession.

While there are some things you won’t be able to control during auditions, the single most important thing that you can do is to be prepared.

Here are 12 helpful tips that you can include in your audition preparations to minimize audition nerves and jitters and prepare you towards delivering your best when your moment arrives.

Have a good night sleep.

Sleep is important for your body especially as you prepare for an important audition. Having a good sleep will make you feel refreshed and help power you up during your audition.

Don’t skip breakfast!

You’ll have a long and exciting day ahead, so make sure you fuel your body with a good breakfast.

Practice good posture and body language.

Your posture and body language can say so much about yourself. Act confidently trusting that you will give the best you can.

Be yourself.

Do not try to be somebody or something you are not. Show your genuine talent and what you actually have to offer.

Do your homework.

Research about the role you will be playing for your audition. Know the song or piece or music by heart. Take the time to memorize and internalize your lines.

Choose your audition piece carefully.

Unless otherwise already specified, choose your audition piece wisely.

See to it that you give everyone an audition that will make your self stand out from the rest.

Research about the director, casting agents or the audition team.

Learn about their works or gigs to gain better understanding what these people usually want or expect.

This will also give you a sense of familiarity and you’ll feel more comfortable by the time you need to face them.

Rehearse with a friend or in front of the mirror.

Doing rehearsals with a friend or in front of the mirror can do so much in your advance preparation so you can confidently deliver your best during your audition.

When you are about to go on a singing audition, do away from dairy, coffee and spicy foods.

These foods tend to be harsh on the throat and may affect your voice.

Be at the location of the audition early and know what to expect.

Day before the audition, be sure to research the location of the audition – how to get there quick, the room number, where you can park.

Expect to answer a few audition questions and be ready for some unprepared moments.

Wear an appropriate comfortable outfit for the audition.

Polish your looks for the audition. Wear something comfortable and appropriate for your audition and more importantly, no matter what outfit you wear, wear it with confidence.

Spare time for your warm up routine.

Warm up routines can do so much to get you mentally prepared for your performance and help you achieve the right mindset needed so you can deliver your best during your audition.

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