How to Know If You Are Addicted to Reality TV

Since the 1990’s reality television has become a mainstay in American TV viewership. Competition shows, docu dramas, and lifestyle shows have altered the concept of television star. Through reality television we have been introduced to the Kardashian’s, Bellas, and Jenner’s. Families we view on tv give us new villains and heroes to jeer and cheer. They serve as role models …

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Review: Big Brother USA

Think about the times you do absolutely nothing else but watch your favorite reality competition series. What makes them exceptionally watchable and insanely addictive? Few possible reasons one could give are the never-ending array of twists, the unpredictable nature, drama, shocking confrontations, and the ever-changing cast. One such show that truly blown the fans away is Big Brother that marked …

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Review: America’s Next Top Model

American reality television series, America’s Next Top Model is one sweet eye candy on the television. Created by the supermodel herself Tyra Banks, who also serves as the show’s executive producer, the interactive modeling competition television show has succeeded in drawing a huge number of followers from around the globe since its first episode premiered in May 2003. A fun …

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10 Easy Steps to Be More Active

Are you struggling to get moving this year? Maybe last year was a lazy year for you and you don’t want to repeat it this year. So, it’s time to switch off the reality TV shows and review 10 easy steps to get your body active… Get outside. Time to turn of the reality TV show and get outside. Getting …

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