Why Are Roles For Minorities Limited?

The issue of race within the world of film and television has been a much discussed topic over the last few years. With more and more calls to end the Hollywood trend of whitewashing, it can be hard to believe this is still an issue in 2017. But while we look to the news and see the rising tide of …

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What are the top 5 signs of domestic violence?

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. Many victims of domestic abuse will try to hide or deny the situation because they are either afraid or ashamed. However, a domestic abuse can easily escalate and it’s important to consider getting help before everything becomes too late. What is Domestic Abuse? When one partner in a relationship wants to dominate the relationship …

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How to answer difficult audition questions

For the most part, even the most skillful actors and seasoned performers will find interviews tough and difficult audition questions prove to be specifically very challenging. Your answers during your audition interview can make the difference between landing a role and having to try again next time. That’s why you need to see to it that you’re prepared for that …

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