Thursday , 23 May 2024

How to Keep Yourself from Addiction in the Entertainment Industry

Being a in the entertainment industry can be a lot of pressure. The constant paparazzi, the tabloids spreading rumors, the long working hours, the pressure to stay thin, etc.  All the pressure can bring on a lot stress and having stress can bring bad habits and even—addictions.

We have heard of so many celebrities that end up in rehab because they get hooked on drugs or alcohol. Just one taste of a drug can leave you hooked for months if not years. But, there are ways to avoid addictions.

I believe that while these famous artists and actors are doing what they love; it can become too much for them at some point. They are constantly busy, busy, busy! With all the money these celebrities make, they are bound to party and celebrate. One night of getting wasted or high can easily become an addictive behavior. But this does not always have to be the case. Below are some ways that celebrities can avoid any kind of addiction whether drugs or alcohol.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

When you overwork yourself; you can begin to lose sight of what is important and which is that you love your career enough to know when to stop working for a while so that you do not end up being miserable.


Exercise releases endorphins which make you feel great! Have you ever heard of runner’s high? That is exactly what happens after a good workout especially an intense cardio workout. You feel happy, energetic, lean, and productive. If perhaps you have been stressing out lately, hit the gym and I guarantee you will feel ten times better! When you exercise, your mind isn’t going a million directions; your mind is focused on how many reps you have left or how many calories you want to burn on the treadmill.


Family is what keeps you going. Your family will always be there for support. While you are out there doing what you love, your family is at home supporting you and cheering you on. It is great to come home to people that truly love you and wish the best for you. Spending time with them will get your mind off of things that perhaps can cause you to stress.

Choose Friends Wisely

Some people may be great friends but they may not be the best influence for you. If you hang out with people that like to get high and get drunk, eventually you will do the same. You are who you attract. While it may seem “cool” to use drugs and to drink all night long; those decisions have serious consequences. If you wish to avoid any kind of addictions, it is best to avoid people who will influence you in a negative way. Keep in mind that if you ingest and illegal substance—you can end up in jail.

The media brings on a lot of pressure to celebrities. While we may think that they have it easy, they are under a lot of pressure and sometimes that pressure leads them to try certain drugs or alcohol that will make them feel at ease. When this becomes a habit, it then becomes an addiction. It is hard to avoid consuming alcohol or even using drugs but it is not impossible. Learn when to say “no” to work and take some time to relax.

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