Saturday , 20 July 2024

Are You Suffering From Body Dysmorphia?

Do you find yourself spending way too much time worrying about every single square-inch of your body? Are you concerned that you may be suffering from body dysmorphia?

If so, it may be time for a review of what the symptoms are.

Be aware that it can effect anyone, and both men and women are susceptible to its symptoms. Note, however, that it is more common amongst teenagers and young adults.

Body dysmorphic disorder is no scam. It’s a real problem to be aware of.

In your own head you may be obsessed about something that you perceive to be a flaw in your appearance.

To everyone else on the outside it may not even be noticeable and is no issue whatsoever. It occurs when reality is blurred with your perception.

So forget about it being a scam. Here are some of the symptoms you need to be aware of:

  1. You spend a lot of time and energy worrying about one certain area of your body. In a lot of circumstances, this is especially true with the face. Just like reality talent will spend much of their time worrying about their looks for an audition or a shoot, you become concerned about a particular area of your looks each and every day.
  2. You’re always in front of a mirror. Just like reality talent, you’re addicted to the mirror, having to review your appearance. It goes beyond the vanity that you might expect from the talent of reality TV and it interferes with your life.
  1. A lot of time is spent comparing how you look with other people. Do you spend a lot of time comparing yourself with Reality TV talent, for example? While it’s natural to compare yourself against others, some people do this obsessively.
  1. You compulsively pick at skin to try and alleviate your perceived problems. Often, it’s best to leave things well alone as picking at things can make things worse and create a whole new set of problems that you’ll need to take care of in the future.
  1. You try and cover up things that you feel are flaws. You think of any ‘blemishes’ as a scam and go to extraordinary measures to comb your hair in a certain way, wear shades, or apply makeup. Some develop a real talent for disguising things. Like a reality TV star will appear to have the perfect appearance, if you review their lifestyle, you may learn that reality talent comes at a cost.

It’s not known what exactly causes body dysmorphia.

However, it’s thought that it could be connected with genetics, a traumatic experience that occurred in the past (for example, you were a victim of bullying, or even teased as a child), or an imbalance of chemicals in the brain).

It’s no scam. In reality, it’s a real condition and you need to come to terms that there is a discrepancy between reality and what’s in your head.

If you feel you’re suffering from body dysmorphia, then consult your doctor immediately.

Speak to them about your problem and all the issues that are on your mind There are several methods to overcome the issue, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

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