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Top Foods to Eliminate From Your Diet

Turn on almost any reality TV show and you’ll see the reality talent flaunting their perfect bodies. While you may think it’s good genetics, in reality, the stars have to get plenty of exercise while they review their diet in order to be healthy and look good. If you want to improve your lifestyle, here are the top foods to …

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Are You Suffering From Body Dysmorphia?

Do you find yourself spending way too much time worrying about every single square-inch of your body? Are you concerned that you may be suffering from body dysmorphia? If so, it may be time for a review of what the symptoms are. Be aware that it can effect anyone, and both men and women are susceptible to its symptoms. Note, …

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10 Easy Steps to Be More Active

Are you struggling to get moving this year? Maybe last year was a lazy year for you and you don’t want to repeat it this year. So, it’s time to switch off the reality TV shows and review 10 easy steps to get your body active… Get outside. Time to turn of the reality TV show and get outside. Getting …

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Top 10 signs of an addiction

Addictions are not just to drugs and alcohol but there are also behavioural addictions. Addictions involved psychological and physical processes. Every addiction experience is different signs will vary so will the behaviours. Difference between signs and symptoms: Symptoms are experienced solely by the person affected where as the signs are observed by everyone else around them. You don’t always wait …

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Do Slimmer Celebrities Get Better Roles Than Their Overweight Counterparts?

Celebrities suffer a lot mentally when trying to impress their fans, overweight celebrities think that their slimmer counterparts are the sexiest while the slim ones think the opposite. There are a number of celebrities who were once huge and had to do plastic surgery to feel comfortable with their bodies. It is very unlikely to see slim celebrities going through …

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How to Keep Yourself from Addiction in the Entertainment Industry

Being a in the entertainment industry can be a lot of pressure. The constant paparazzi, the tabloids spreading rumors, the long working hours, the pressure to stay thin, etc.  All the pressure can bring on a lot stress and having stress can bring bad habits and even—addictions. We have heard of so many celebrities that end up in rehab because …

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Beating an Addiction

If you struggle with some sort of addiction, there is no easy way to beat it. It takes a lot of time and patience. But there are ways to breaking free from your addiction. Below are five ways to being free from your addiction. Pray There’s nothing more powerful than prayer and if you truly believe that Christ can set …

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Five Steps in Starting a New Workout Routine

Working out can have a positive impact on everybody. Studies have shown that people who exercise daily have a longer lifespan. Doctors are now urging people who suffer from mental health to get out and partake in daily workout routines as it has beneficial compounds to the human brain. If working out is not in your daily routine and you …

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Veganism the New Celebrity Craze

Fashion diets come and go but the rise of veganism in celebrity culture seems to be spreading to the general population too. With a 350% increase of vegans between 2006 and 2016, it’s easy to see the correlation between the increasing number of people in the public eye trying out the vegan diet and the number of people following on. …

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