Thursday , 23 May 2024

Should Celebrities Keep Their personal Life A Secret?

The celebrity has both influence to do good as well as show bad. It is a lifestyle that exposes their personal lives, which is also a curse to them.

Some are willing to open themselves up to the world while others keep their private lives exactly that, private. We obviously have a belief that public figures have a right to keep what they do private and be discreet, but we do sometimes want a peek into what they are like personally outside of their career.

It is a very tough balance, as the examples below show.

Everyone who is anyone lives in either Los Angeles or New York City. So, once they get out of their homes, there will be cameraman and passing people who want a picture. A lot of people are very nice and walk the streets like nobody’s business. As a legendary New Yorker, Jerry Seinfeld and his wife are comfortable walking down the street.

Others are very defense of being spotted and will go to lengths to avoid getting an open shot for a cameraman. Those who speak their minds will be found by TMZ and answer questions as they get to their car or cab. The goal of TMZ is not to just get a great shot, but also that controversial sound bite. They are the ones who got the hidden audio of Donald Sterling being a racist.

With celebrity births, the paparazzi and tabloids want every little thing about the newborn. Name, gender, weight – they want it all along with the parents. Some celebrities have actually avoided giving out those details. Man Men star January Jones gave birth to a child in 2011, but the identity of the father is unknown and some believe it could have come through an affair.

Vin Diesel didn’t reveal that he and his wife gave birth to a son until four months after its birth. Holly Hunter has twins, but for their privacy, has not reveal their names.

There is the concern for stalking, wherever they go. On the flip side, by publicly showing off their child, a microscope follows them for life, comparing them to their parents. Is Lebron James’ oldest son going to be like his father? What is with the behavior of the sons and daughters of these couple? Children of celebrities are a balancing act.

Celebrities who have sought privacy and have been seen their space invaded have successfully won against newspapers for phone tampering and harassment.

The tabloids made its reputation on digging up dirt involving celebrities’ private lives. Sometimes, it is the fault of the celebrity for exposing themselves too much to the public, leading to those damaging photos. A person who chooses to be private will most likely succeed compared to those who open their world too much in public.

Social media has made it more accessible for people to get into the minds of their favorite celebs, making the line of privacy and publicity very thin.

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