Thursday , 13 June 2024

Veganism the New Celebrity Craze

Fashion diets come and go but the rise of veganism in celebrity culture seems to be spreading to the general population too. With a 350% increase of vegans between 2006 and 2016, it’s easy to see the correlation between the increasing number of people in the public eye trying out the vegan diet and the number of people following on.

There are plenty of benefits to following a vegan diet and the reasons for doing so are admirable. We live in a society that eats far more meat than we should and the demands on our health and the environment suffer as a result of this. So there’s no denying that following a vegan diet is a great thing to get into, especially from an animal welfare and vegan perspective. As with everything in celebrity culture, however, these fads seem to come and go with the wind and you do ask yourself just how much some celebs are doing this for the publicity.

Now, there are a lot of vegan celebs out there that shout about their dietary choices but there are also some that might surprise you. When you cast the image of vegans in your mind you tend to picture up a thin, pale and meek person that doesn’t have much meat on their bones so it might surprise you to find out some of the biggest celebrities that follow a vegan lifestyle.

Liam Hemsworth is an absolute hunk, no denying it but it’s all the more impressive when you find out he converted to a fully vegan diet in 2015. He said that his discovery of how animals are mistreated in slaughterhouses and other places was playing on his mind and when it was suggested to him by Woody Harrelson (another vegan) that he might want to try out the vegan diet he decided to give it a go. It didn’t take long before Hemsworth was completely sold feeling much more positive overall.

Lea Michele of Glee fame is a long standing vegan and has been honoured by PETA in the past for her charity work with animals. Although her main reason to give up any form of meat or dairy was due to animal rights she is also a firm believer that her body is a temple and that she should treat it to the best, healthy food.

The good news is that if you want to jump on board and give veganism a go then the perfect time to do it is now! With more shops and restaurants stocking vegan foods than ever there’s no denying that the vegan food trend is on the rise and here to stay. If you feel like giving it a go then consider it might take a few weeks for your body to adjust but once you’re used to it, you’ll feel like an entirely new person.

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