Saturday , 20 July 2024

Top Foods to Eliminate From Your Diet

Turn on almost any reality TV show and you’ll see the reality talent flaunting their perfect bodies.

While you may think it’s good genetics, in reality, the stars have to get plenty of exercise while they review their diet in order to be healthy and look good.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, here are the top foods to eliminate from your diet…

Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils, including those that come from seeds like sunflower, soybeans, or corn have become abundant in our society. The problem is that they contain loads of omega 6 fats. These boost inflammation in the body if you have a lot, relative to omega 3 fats (those that come from fatty fish).  Not all oil is unhealthy. Having raw extra-virgin olive oil is very healthy in reality.

Whenever you cook with oil, use coconut oil.

High Fructose corn syrup

Want to look like your favorite reality talent star? It’s best to cut out some of the sugar… Or, at least review where the sugar in your diet is coming from. On the one hand, natural sugar like that found is processed by the body in a way that fulfills the body’s energy and nutritional needs.

On the other hand, many foods you pick up off the supermarket shelf have had processed sugars packed in. The problem with these high-caloric products is that they don’t really satisfy your appetite.

After a few bites, you’ll find yourself eating again and again while piling in the calories and developing a talent for devouring sugary treats while watching your favorite reality talent on the latest reality TV series.

Artificial sweeteners

If you like to sprinkle a little bit of sweetener in your morning coffee then it may not be such a huge scam. If, however, you’re drinking can after can of diet soda, then this can really mess with your taste preferences. Do diet sodas get rid of sugar?

No, it’s a scam. Fresh fruits and vegetables may cease to be palatable as you’ll find yourself craving more foods that are high in sugar – what you’re trying to avoid by drinking diet soda.

Regular Sodas

Sodas are addictive, don’t give your bodies any real nutritional benefit, and cause tons of harm. There’s plenty of marketing talent that advertises sodas in such a way that links good feelings with certain drinks. However, in reality, the unnatural sugar harms your teeth, gets you addicted and gives you a high – followed by a crashing effect.

Try drinking water instead. While you may not like it at first, after a while, water becomes enjoyable as you feel your body becoming better hydrated.

Overly-processed foods

The key to a super-healthy diet is no scam. Simply try and eat nutritional whole foods. The more processed and the more preservatives a food has, the less your body appreciates it. If you want to look as good as your favorite reality TV star, try and cut down on foods that are packaged, and get more real, whole foods to fulfill the nutritional needs of your body.

When you review your grocery list, remember that your body has a natural talent for processing wholesome foods.

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