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How To Stay Connected in a Long Distance Relationship

Everyone knows that a long distance relationship comes with more than its fair share of challenges, but there’s no denying the equally true fact that long distance relationships can also be very fulfilling and even help to bring partners closer to one another, emotionally if not physically.

That being said, there are definitely ways to help stay connected with your partner when you’re in a long distance relationship. In this article, we’ve listed and briefly discussed some of the more effective ways for doing so; we hope you find this information helpful.

Four Tips For Staying Connected

  • Set aside time to talk to each other.
    Communication is no less important when you’re physically away from each other; in fact, in many cases proper communication during a long distance relationship is absolutely critical. As a result, make an effort to schedule times when you can talk to each other uninterrupted, whether it’s a traditional phone call or a video call.

    Depending upon where your partner is in the world (in relation to you), it may be a struggle at first to find a time that works for both of you (time zone differences in particular can cause quite a bit of trouble) but the effort you expend will be well worth the reward of staying in touch with your partner and remaining involved in each others’ lives.

  • Set realistic expectations.
    More often than not, long distance relationships fail because one or both partners have unrealistic expectations going into it. Sometimes, one partner will expect the other to call and check in every single day, and then get upset and frustrated when this expectation is not met, even if the reason for the perceived failure is completely understandable (such as the other partner having a hectic schedule).

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you should set your expectations too low, either; simply find a good middle ground that works for both of you and bear in mind that as long as both of you are trying your best everything else will work itself out with time.

  • Have meaningful conversations.
    Without your partner’s physical presence in your life, it’s easy to feel disconnected and alone. That is why having deep conversations with your partner is important; asking them how their day has been is all well and good, but try to go beyond the simple pleasantries.

    After all, this is someone you love, and you should have no problems talking to them even if they are on the other side of the planet.

    On a similar note, try to stay connected with their day-to-life; listen when your partner talks about their day and do your best to empathize with their experiences.

  • Send gifts.
    Even if you aren’t much of a gift-giver, try to take the time to send small presents to your partner.

    Not only can these serve as a happy surprise for them once they receive the gift (assuming of course you don’t tell them about it in advance), but it also helps to remind them that you miss them and are thinking of them.

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